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The literary genre of fantasy appeared in Russia literally 10 years ago. Initially, in the minds of readers, he was associated exclusively with foreign names, such as Tolkien or Howard, for example. Today, everything has changed dramatically - among the book novelties in this genre there are a lot of proposals from Russian writers. Among them are the books of Svetlana Zhdanova. The debut of the writer took place in 2009. Today published several books in different series.


Svetlana Zhdanova was born in the Moscow Region town of Orekhovo-Zuyevo on June 28, 1986. After graduation, she went to college, but never finished it, which, by the way, she is proud - she speaks about this in her interviews.

Svetlana Zhdanova

Instead of studying, Svetlana took up work - became an ordinary manager. Zhdanova readily tells her readers about herself — she is friendly, but sometimes she is caustic and insanely harmful. Besides, the writer admits, - she is a terrible dolt.On the list of things she likes are lilies, music, summer, and foxes. By the way, with the latest Svetlana combines fiery-red hair color. Because of this, friends and readers often call the writer just as Lysaveta. Svetlana Zhdanova’s motto is simple and optimistic: she assures that “it cannot rain forever.”

The girl started writing at the age of 14, but warns: everything she wrote before the book “The Bride of the Demon” will never show to anyone. Even under the threat of tickling.

"The Bride of the Demon"

The very first cycle, which Svetlana Zhdanova published, is called “The Bride of the Demon”. It includes two books - "Catch the Shadow" and "Wings of the Phoenix." The main character is Lilitana Volskaya, a princess, an extremely extravagant person with an amazing magical gift.

At the beginning of the first book of Lilitan, which just turned 18 years old, it seems to readers as a child. On the way to adulthood and happiness, the princess has to overcome many obstacles. At the end of the first part it becomes clear: in fact, the princess is a half-deva! The second part tells about the elves and dragons, who literally howled from the things that the princess gets up with the ways of the thieves.Lilitana (she is Princess Volskaya, Tanya, the Lady and Other) says - it is not her fault that others themselves leave powerful artifacts unattended. The next item on the list of this person is the devas.

books by svetlana zhdanova

Readers and critics say - Zhdanova manages to unusually clearly describe the images of heroes, their characters and feelings. Each character is a multifaceted personality, bright and interesting. By the way, after two parts of the cycle, Svetlana Zhdanova released another book, The Imp, in which she talks about what happened to the characters after the events described in this series.

"Alaouen: The Story of a Clan"

A year after writing the Bride of the Demon, Svetlana released another book, Alauen: The Story of a Clan. Unusual love story in the genre of fantasy. Like the previous books of Svetlana Zhdanova, this one is full of magic, non-standard characters. We are in this series are about handsome dragons, met on the way magichku. With one of them she began an uneasy relationship. Actually, this is the whole story of the book.

Svetlana Zhdanova all books

"Red tail, or on the brazen red pug"

In 2011, Svetlana Zhdanova published another work.The main character, by the way, is called Elizaveta-Lisaveta! The girl is non-standard, sharp on the tongue, insolent and too whimsical. Readers note that all the heroines of Zhdanova are “sinning” with this. The action begins very unusually - Elizabeth dies, having got under a pink grand piano! After death, the girl finds herself in another world and takes on a completely different look - she becomes like a fox. Like all books of Svetlana Zhdanova, this one has a continuation that tells what happens to the heroes. The second part of the “Red tail” is called “And here we will have a house!”.

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