Why the calf legs at night

Often, people in a dream experience a state where their calves are reduced. In a sleeping body, the body is relaxed, muscle tissue reduces activity, and lactic acid accumulates in the calf muscles, which contributes to the appearance of cramps.

An unpleasant phenomenon that manifests itself more often than other seizures has been called crampy. They are usually accompanied by pain and numbness of the gastrocnemius muscle, which interferes with restful sleep. For the correct treatment of night cramps, it is necessary to analyze the provoking factors and determine their cause. With frequent repetition of seizures, consultation with a doctor is necessary.

Causes of night cramps

The reasons are very different.

  • Lack of mobility.Due to the lack of motor activity, the muscles gradually atrophy, as a result, pain in the legs. Office workers and drivers are particularly vulnerable to this problem.
  • Non-compliance with training techniques.A serious mistake is shifting the entire weight to one part of the foot. People who are engaged in athletics and strength sports, should analyze their activities.
  • The lack of nutrients.
  • Diseasesliver, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, anemia, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, heart failure, flat feet.

Convulsions during pregnancy

During pregnancy there are various possible failures in the body. Some of them provoke a convulsive state of the muscles of the calves. They roll suddenly and often at night. Consider the causes of violations.

  • Vitamin B deficiency6, magnesium, potassium, calcium.Toxicoses occur in the early stage of pregnancy, which remove trace elements from the body.
  • Reduced percentage of glucose in the blood.To maintain the level of glucose, it is recommended for pregnant women to split meals into small portions.
  • Phlebeurysm.In the last period of pregnancy, the increased load does not allow the veins to cope with their work. Blood stagnates, there is a violation of blood circulation, which makes it difficult for the right amount of necessary substances to enter the muscles. No exchange products are excreted, creating a favorable background for the appearance of seizures.
  • Syndrome of the vena cava inferior.In a horizontal position, the uterus of a pregnant woman presses down on the inferior vein, which reduces the outflow of blood, and leads to convulsions of the calves.
  • Diuretic usein excess amounts can cause leaching of minerals.
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Among women

New-fashioned diets are advised to limit the consumption of certain products, which threatens the shortage of important substances. The lack of magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium contributes to the formation of ionic compounds in the intercellular spaces, which stimulate the nerve endings, thereby causing painful muscle contraction at night. Especially dangerous in this regard are monodiets.

The use of products and drinks, diuretic, choleretic action contributes to the violation in the exchange process of muscle tissue water balance. Important trace elements are derived from the fluid.

If at night he has calves, perhaps shoes are to blame. Women often wear shoes with high heels, so during the day their legs get tired from the long misalignment of the foot, and at night fatigue and relaxed muscles appear as reflex contractions.

Serious stress is experienced by the woman’s body during the menstrual period, due to impaired peripheral circulation.

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Women are prone to spasms due to stress. Small waves often end with calf night cramps.

Convulsions in men

The peculiarity of the male spasms lies in their greater pain, as the muscles are denser than the female ones. The causes of seizures are:

  • Forced immobility, increased loads.Men who are engaged in professional activities suffer from this: truck drivers, tractor drivers, bulldozer drivers, sportsmen.
  • Hypothermia muscles.Many men allow themselves to be in the cold water of the reservoirs and neglect warm underwear, which leads to overcooling of the muscles.
  • Overweight.Parameters of the body and a huge stomach leads to the fact that the vena cava is clamped, as in pregnant women.
  • Smoking and alcohol.Negatively affect the peripheral blood supply: spasm blood vessels, stimulate the nerve endings that provoke seizures.
  • Dehydration.Heavy sweating removes a significant part of the trace elements from the body.

Treatment is permissible as folk remedies at home, and medications.

Treatment of convulsions with folk remedies

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In the case of rare attacks, you can do without medical care, using home remedies.Traditional medicine offers many recipes to help with leg cramps.

  • Quick method.Hold a pinch of salt in the mouth for up to 2 minutes and the cramp will pass.
  • Lemon juice.Spoon salted lemon juice to take under the tongue. It is possible to eliminate the disease by smearing the spasm area with juice.
  • Kvass mixtureIn a glass of bread kvass, add a teaspoon of yeast, insist 6 hours, divide into equal parts by the number of meals. Take before meals for a month. Improve the taste of medicine honey.
  • Tincture of wormwood.In a container filled with wormwood grass, pour vodka and insist 2-3 weeks. Rub feet every night until the convulsions disappear completely.
  • Chamomile mixture.Two tablespoons of chamomile pharmacy brew as a tea liter of boiling water. Drink after meals, the last time before bed.
  • Ointment celandine.Freshly squeezed juice of celandine mixed with vaseline medical 1: 2. Rub the problem areas 2 weeks.

To alleviate pain and cramps, it is recommended to pull your toes towards you. Then restore blood circulation by making a massage. You can pinch or smash a muscle. After relief, you need to lie down with your legs elevated.This method will speed up circulation and relieve spasm.

If the effectiveness could not be achieved by folk remedies, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will prescribe additional studies.

Purchased drugs against convulsions

In accordance with the identified cause and the correct diagnosis, drugs of different actions are prescribed. In this case, therapy is directed to the elimination of the very cause. The complex treatment includes vitamins and trace elements.


Well-proven vitamin-mineral complexes: "Complivit", "Calcium D3"," Alphabet "," Nycomed "," Magne-V6».


Heparin ointment, troksevazin gel, horse chestnut-based ointment, finalgon are used for topical treatment. Anti-inflammatory and warming properties, they relieve seizures and symptoms of pathologies. Ointments are used at bedtime, applied to the problem area.


There are no pills that completely eliminate cramps without establishing a root cause. But these anticonvulsants are recommended more often than others:

"Difenin" Relieves spasms, relaxes muscles. By appointment of a doctor.
Mydocalm Local anesthetic and muscle relaxant effects. By appointment of a doctor.
"Panangin", "Aspark" It compensates for the deficiency of magnesium and potassium. 1-2 tablets per day.
Magnerot Contains magnesium. 2 tablets 3 times a day is applied for a long time.
"Analgin", acetylsalicylic acid, "Paracetamol" Anesthetic, anti-inflammatory. 1 tablet up to 4 times per day.

When convulsions provoked by varicose veins, popular remedies that relieve inflammation, improve the walls of blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, are: "Venoturon 300", "Antistax", "Venarus", "Anvenol".

IMPORTANT! Most of the drugs used in the treatment of seizures have many contraindications, so self-treatment is unsafe for health.

Prevention of seizures

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Preventing the state when calves are reduced at night will help compliance with the following preventive rules.

  • The diet should fully meet the needs of the body in vitamins and trace elements.
  • As much as possible to reduce strong and long loadings on legs.
  • Wear comfortable shoes whenever possible.
  • At bedtime, do a foot massage to normalize blood circulation and relieve tension.
  • Reduce to a minimum the use of harmful food and beverages.
  • Get rid of bad habits.
  • Protect yourself from unnecessary unrest.

TIP!In order not to remove water from muscle tissue, after a cup of strong coffee or tea it is good to replenish the body with 200 milligrams of fluid.

In most cases, cramps of the calf muscles are not life threatening. However, with frequent repetitions create significant discomfort, it is therefore necessary to immediately identify the causes of gastrointestinal spasms and get rid of them using traditional medicine recipes or medical treatment. Do not forget about prevention, to permanently fix this problem.

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