Why is Putin a crab?

Vladimir Kulinich
Vladimir Kulinich
March 11, 2013
Why is Putin a crab?

A frequently asked question on the Internet today is: “Putin is a crab?”. About why Putin is a crab, our article will tell.

There is an opinion that such an expression came from the word “putina”, which denotes the season of intensive fishing and catch of crabs. In the expression “Putin 07/08/09”, which was used to emphasize the highest freshness of the product, the particular year of manufacture often did not fit on the price tag.

But the typo "about the galleys" in the press gave him great fame. It turns out that someone didn’t hear the phrase that Putin said on February 14, 2008 at a conference with the press in honor of his eight-year presidency: “All these eight years I have plowed like a slave in galleys.”

But one thing was not all. Now the network is filled with ridiculous materials on this topic. These are pictures, and all sorts of demotivators, videos and similar information. To find all this, simply write to the search engine the necessary request.

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