Why not watch in the mirror at night?

The mirror is perhaps the most mystical and mysterious object in the house. People always treated him with some caution, suspecting in him the presence of some magic power. Many witches and sorcerers in old times used mirrors during their magical rituals. Now they have been replaced by mediums and psychics, who also conduct their sessions with the help of magic mirrors. Belief in the supernatural power of mirrors originated in those distant times when people could not scientifically explain the nature of the appearance of mirror reflection, considering it to be a wonderful manifestation of some higher powers. Therefore, the people and there is such a great variety of all sorts of signs and superstitions associated with mirrors.

Superstitions related to mirrors

How many times have we, for example, heard from our grandmothers: “Do not look in a broken mirror! This is not good!”. And all because there is an old belief that a person who saw his reflection in a fragment will die soon.The custom, however, carefully curtains all the mirrors in the house where the dead person lies, is already so firmly rooted in everyday life that no one now even thinks about what it should be done for. This is done, it turns out, so that the soul of the departed, which for nine days after death remains close to loved ones, does not get lost in the looking-glass, remaining in it forever. Some magicians believe that even sleeping in front of a mirror is dangerous to health. How they explain this, you can find out from our other article. Another popular popular superstition says that you can not look in the mirror at night. Why is that? There are two explanations for this.

The mirror is the gateway to the other world

The surface of the mirror is the line between ours and the otherworldly worlds. This facet is very thin and under certain conditions at night, when the forces of evil dominate on Earth, it can be destroyed. Then the mirror becomes the gateway to the world of shadows and souls of the dead, who roam there with the hope of someday escaping from imprisonment. For this they need the energy of living people. Through the mirror, such an evil entity can cling to the soul of a person who has looked into the mirror at night and drink from him the vital energy.According to the sorcerers, such a person will not live long. He will be sick, wither away for no apparent reason and die when the energetic vampire finally drains all his strength out of him. In addition, after looking in the mirror at night, you can, through carelessness, release a lost soul out of the looking glass that will live in your house and will subsequently cause many minor troubles. Some psychics are sure that this is how a poltergeist starts in the house.

Antique mirrors have a memory

Another reason why you can not look in the mirror at night is the memory of the mirror. Many esotericists claim that mirrors are capable of memorizing. Images of people who often looked in the mirror remain in it after their death. Therefore, at night, when the line between the worlds becomes thinner, inadvertently glancing in the mirror, you can see in it the ghost of the former owner, which, as you understand, can even horrify a person with very strong nerves. Because of this, old mirrors should be treated with extreme caution. Psychics do not advise taking mirrors as a gift or buying them in antique shops, because who knows how many terrible secrets they can keep.If you have inherited such a mirror and you are sorry to part with it, then its surface should be washed with holy water, which can neutralize the negative information accumulated in it.

Many people consider these signs as ridiculous village superstitions, others fervently believe in them. Do you believe? Decide, perhaps, for yourself.

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