Why dream of a strong wind: interpretation of sleep

The wind is a movement of air masses, and it can be different: refreshing on hot summer days, bringing a change in the weather, and sometimes, which happens not often, it is a terrible hurricane that blows trees, buildings, and even takes human lives.

But in all these cases, the wind is an action that occurs in any climate zone and is in no way connected with the will of man. Sometimes the wind comes to us in our dreams. And many people do not know what the dream of the wind is about. Strong, weak, confident - these are all its varieties, each of which has its own meaning.why dream strong wind

General information about what the wind can dream of

As a rule, the wind that has been dreamed of promises quite soon changes in our life, and they will be bad or good - it depends on specific details, because the wind is different. If you are dreaming of a weak breeze, then pleasant surprises await you, but a strong one is for serious trials. If you had a wind blowing in your back, you will get unexpected help.This help may not necessarily be from a particular person; you can get it from the Creator himself or the Universe, which will help make events happen successfully for you. The dream wind that blows in the face promises unexpected obstacles. And if he is strong, as if blowing through, it means that a person who has had such a dream can be exposed in the near future. And if he has conceived any deception, then it is better to refuse it.

Why dream of a strong wind hurricane

why dream strong wind hurricaneA hurricane is a very strong wind that brings destruction. To see him in a dream does not promise anything good. Such a dream warns about the various obstacles that are waiting for you on the way to the execution of the conceived plans. You may be in a difficult situation, and in order to overcome it, you will need determination and a lot of strength. Sometimes, a dream hurricane foreshadows negative changes in your personal life: you may have a bad relationship with your loved one, or unexpected long-term separation awaits you.

But, as Sigmund Freud noted, a hurricane may dream about changes that took place a little earlier, for example, not so long ago you met a person who was interested in you.If you dreamed of an approaching hurricane, while you are quietly standing still, the dream suggests that your anxiety and unrest are unfounded, you should change your views and values ​​and look at reality differently.

Miller believed that the dream-wind hurricane was the result of past disappointments and unfulfilled plans. There is only one way out - to forget about the past and return to real life.

Wind blowing in the face

Many are interested in what dreams a strong wind in the face. Such a dream speaks of counter actions from some stranger. What dreams of a very strong wind that blows right in the face, prevents to move? This is a warning about someone's intentions to prevent you from carrying out your plans, and you have to spend a lot of effort to cope with the obstacle.

If the wind blowing in the face is gentle and warm and brings pleasure, then you will have a pleasant meeting with a person who treats you very kindly. It is likely that you have not seen this person for quite a long time. This may be someone from a school or university, or distant relatives will come, or perhaps the person you like will appear, but the connection with him has been lost.

Raging wind outside the window

what dreams a strong wind outside the windowWhy dream of a strong wind outside the window, many people care. A dream in which a strong wind is breaking through a window means a change that wants to come into your life, but you prevent it. Another such dream can tell a person about significant changes in his life.

If the wind is so strong that it can tear out the window and break into your room, then in this case you should urgently change the situation. Such a dream warns that the difficulties and troubles that have accumulated in your life can break out and destroy everything to the ground. You urgently need to rest, so as not to get the disease on the basis of nerves.

After that, you need to try to solve all your affairs as soon as possible, so that in the future they will not oppress you and enter life as the raging wind. It is highly desirable not to delay with this case. Problems will only accumulate, by themselves they will not go anywhere, so you will need to gather all the will into a fist, once and for all to decide what is oppressive.

Wind with dust

what dreams a very strong windFor some reason, people think that wind and dust are something bad. They can walk upset, unaware that there is nothing wrong with that.Such dreams are people, on the contrary, some positive changes in their lives.

Often, such a dream foreshadows sudden inspiration or illumination. In this case, try not to miss an important moment in your life and direct all your strength to achieve new successes. Sometimes such a dream foreshadows a person that very interesting changes can happen in his life. However, dust is a kind of obstacle that needs to be overcome and then these changes will be positive.

If you dreamed that a dust storm pulls you along, then a dream can mean a lot of excitement in the future. However, this does not indicate that something bad could mean. After all, the excitement can be for their loved ones who are competing, the excitement can be about increasing work and so on.

What dreams of strong wind and rain

what dreams of a strong wind and rainWhen a person dreams of such a dream, you can be happy, it leads to good changes in life. Suddenly, forces may appear to complete the affairs that prevented him from living for a long period of time. Or there will be a determination on various actions that he would never have done before. Therefore, you need to know why the wind dreams.A strong push and a call to action will help a person achieve unprecedented results.

If you dreamed of a slight wind and light rain, then there is nothing interesting waiting for you ahead. When in your dream you see autumn, the sky with heavy clouds and cold drizzle, your strength is on the verge. You should have a good rest and relax. It is also advisable to change the usual situation, find some exciting activity, take a day off or go on vacation.

A dream, where rain and wind are accompanied by a thunderstorm, can warn of imminent trials, from which courage and perseverance will help you.

Wind with snow

Blizzard, blizzard, heavy snow, the wind usually dreams in such a case, when your life has accumulated a lot of questions to which you can not find the answers. You will have to analyze well the problems that have accumulated and find the right solution.

Very often people do not know and do not even think what the wind dreams about. Heavy snow, blizzard through which you make your way, can serve as a warning that, most likely, soon there will be a not quite pleasant meeting with evil people who will try to lead you astray.In this case, you need to be prepared for such a person and just try not to fall under his negative influence.

If the blizzard in your dream is not strong, just a gentle wind with snow, in which people and surrounding buildings are clearly visible, then this is a good dream. He foreshadows that you will be able to fulfill the desires that you have been dreaming about for a long time, and that pleasant surprises await you. Your wishes will come true very soon, if the snow in your sleep touches the face.

Go to meet the snow that the wind throws you right in the face - to unexpected obstacles in matters that prevent you from moving forward. Conversely, if the wind blows in the back, then you will have the opportunity to move faster to the desired goal.

Some dream books explain that a dream blizzard may mean that you personally or your relatives are facing a life storm in the near future.

Wind with sand

dream dream why dream strong windWhy dream of a very strong wind with sand that covers the sunlight? For those who live in the temperate zone, sandstorms are not relevant, and such dreams they rarely dream, and do not always talk about danger.

If you dreamed of a sandstorm that is at a great distance from you, then you should not be afraid - the danger will pass you by without affecting you or your loved ones.In the case when the sand is very large, and he falls asleep directly to you, to avoid trouble, unfortunately, will not work.

If the sandstorm in your dream begins to calm down and expire, then this is a good sign - good luck and prosperity await you.

A dream in which you were injured (sand got into your eyes or skinned), says that your competitors and envious people are waiting for your miscalculations, and you have to be careful not to make any mistakes.what dreams a strong wind in the face

Instead of conclusion

The dream book will help you to understand your dreams. Why dream of a strong wind in different cases, it was described above. Anyway, the wind always brings new events into our lives, and how they will be will depend only on your actions and circumstances. Very often, people think that something bad will happen, while they themselves do not know what the wind dreams about. A strong push, calling for action, abrupt changes, difficult, but bringing happiness path, all this - not a complete list of what this dream can bring.

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