Why do we need sport?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
June 18, 2012
Why do we need sport?

“Sport is life”, activists say to us, inflated with stereotypes. So why do we need sport? It is unlikely that he will add health, because it is not physical education, and often work beyond human capabilities, overcoming pain from injuries and hiding chronic diseases for the sake of admission to the competition. Approximately the same applies to those people who do not participate in competitions, but fanatically strive for some achievements concerning their bodies.

If we talk about the first option from the point of view of the state, then it uses sport as the simplest ideology of association. But pay attention: despite the fact that athletes from different countries are united by common values, they remain rival and atomized. Such people are the easiest to manage. And with the help of such people, you can control the rest of the country, forcing ordinary people to rejoice over the victories of their compatriots, to feel national pride for the victory of some athlete.True, it is better not to mention this if your interest in this topic stems from the goal: "why do you need sports essay", because a conservative teacher is unlikely to share such views.

Another function of the sport from the point of view of the state is channeling a high level of physical aggression into a peaceful course. If we talk about non-professional sports, then we can say that this is a kind of hobby, relaxation. It can also be a fashion, as happened in the 21st century.

Also, let's say, the Olympic achievements of athletes inspire ordinary people to engage more in the culture of their bodies. A healthy nation is a reduction in economic costs.

Why do you need to play sports

For a person, sport can be useful as a tool for self-discipline. It improves concentration, stamina, shapes will. Moreover, during sports, various chemicals are produced, such as the “joy hormone” endorphin or the stress hormone adrenaline, which give a person a feeling of joy and happiness. Also, sports will help to gain self-confidence, that is, to get rid of the fear of failure.You can also satisfy such needs as self-realization, self-actualization (i.e. goal achievement), the need for respect, the need to belong to some kind of community. In addition, a nice bonus, you get a beautiful body, and maybe even get to earn money and fame.

This is our argument about why we need sport. We hope that for you it will become the starting point for your own mental research. It will be great if you decide on whether to play sports or not, based on your own desires and preferences.

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