Why do girls love bad?

Love ... She comes to each of us and does not ask whether you want it or not, whether you are rich or poor, good or bad. She'll just knock on the heart. At a young age, every girl dreams of falling in love. And it often happens that in her field of vision gets a guy who does not quite match the positive qualities. It would seem that only good guys fall in love. So why do girls like bad ones?

Who is bad

And who do we mean by “bad guy”? Probably, those who do not show the quality of a gentleman are not polite and not kind, do not show signs of attention, do not give way. But why girls like these guys? Why do they need them?

If you go back mentally to the distant past, then the female half of humanity has always appreciated the man who always brought victory. It doesn't matter which way he reached it, but there was one fact - he is a winner. And in the social pyramid they survived just such men: arrogant, those who had great physical strength. Today girls also prefer such guys.It becomes clear why girls love the bad guys, they just think that behind their backs each of their girls will be safe. By his behavior, he is always separated from both the girl and the family. But today, rough male power and arrogance began to appreciate less. The social situation, the financial situation becomes paramount for women, but this comes with time, when the girl matures and overestimates all the qualities of men.

And I love him

It often happens that everything good passes by us. Every girl is always looking for the best guy for herself, but the result is obvious: a bully. But, such a couple will have the strongest and closest family.

So why are they loved, bad guys? They are just more interesting than with good guys, they constantly invent something, with them life is more diverse and not so boring. Those guys who behave culturally, are almost the same in all situations, the girl does not have that excitement when she meets a good guy. And the bad guy is unpredictable, with him always meetings are not like one another. And do not think that with such guys there are only very bad girls. No, every girl falls in love with these guys, but the decision is made by herself.

For example, a girl meets a guy. He is brought up, tolerant, calm.But, to make any decision constantly consults with mom. Surely, he will also ask mother for permission for the first kiss. So what? Will it be interesting with him? The caretaker who does not have an opinion, who constantly goes under her mother's protection, and in family life will not change. And if a fight starts on a date? What should the girl do then, protect her boyfriend herself, because mom is not around? Such men can not stand up for themselves and for their family, they will always wait for decisive action from the girl, and then from his wife.

be happy

Therefore, it is not always possible to follow the right path in youth. But in the end it turns out that he was the most faithful, the path that the heart tells us, and not the parents and girlfriends who love us. The main thing is that between two young people there is love, mutual love. And then this high feeling will pass through all his life.

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