Who is a music lover?

July 30, 2012
Who is a music lover?

Some people call themselves the foreign word "music lover." Who is a music lover and who really has the right to call himself that?

The word "music lover" is a derivative of another word - "melomania", which comes from two Greek words: melos - singing and mania - insanity. That is, a music lover is a person passionately in love with music. This term has taken root in the language in the late 19th century.

About music lovers

Music lovers are music connoisseurs who cannot imagine their life without it. They can choose one style of music they prefer, or they will be more versatile in their musical tastes. Music lovers can listen to anything: classical, hard rock, punk, folk, rap, etc. As a rule, music lovers know well the history and main performers of their favorite musical direction. They are well versed in musical directions, well, and the biographies of their idols know to heart.

Who is a music lover? This is an interesting conversationalist who will give you advice on what kind of music to listen to and which one should not be given attention.If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend music lover - you are lucky! You do not have to get into the Internet every time to find out about a group or artist. You can get reliable information from your friend, a music lover.

Frequently, music lovers of certain areas unite in communities or create a fan club of a famous artist. They exchange rare records, interesting news about this musical direction, they go to concerts together. Needless to say, the life of a music lover is very rich and interesting!

So, now you know for sure who this music fan is. Are you a music fan? If not, then we sincerely wish you to become a music lover, and dedicate part of your free time to such a beautiful art form as music!

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