Who are the emo?

Let's try to find out who the emo are. What is the life of a group of people who call themselves emo: their attitude, attributes and clothes, the music they listen to, the lifestyle they live in.

Who are the emo? The youth emo subculture (from English emotional - emotional) originates from the eponymous style in music, of which emo are fans. Representatives of culture are divided into two categories by gender: emo boy (emo culture boy) or emo girl (emo culture girl).

Returning to the word "emotional", which is pronounced as "IMOUSHNL", it means that it will sound like nothing else but IMO, but in Russian there is the word "emotional", and it was from him that the variant of the name "emo" went.

Emo world outlook

Emotions and their expression - perhaps the most important thing in the life of any emo, they are characterized by self-expression, opposition and a very sensual attitude to everything that happens in life. Who are the emo? There is a stereotype about emo culture that has already developed in people - people of a depressive attitude to life, who see only the negative side in everything, constantly displaying their tearful nature (and here they speak not only about individuals, but also about emo battles), problem situations in life suicide.But with all this horror, from other movements, emo emphasizes the fact that their culture is attributed to those prone to romanticism and focusing on sublime feelings.

Emo culture promotes such a concept as stratage - the whole philosophy of this concept lies in the simplest form of negative attitudes towards alcohol, tobacco, narcotic substances, and in some cases is attributed to vegetarianism, refusal to use products containing caffeine, refusal from medicines and from promiscuous sexual relationships. By itself, the term "Straight" was borrowed from the Minor Threat song "Straight Edge".

Emo or goth? Who are the emo - the same goths or are they two different subcultures? Very similar, but at the same time different subcultures. All that unites them is, perhaps, their gloom, romantic mood towards everything regarding death and depression, addiction to black. But the main difference between them will always be related to the world - emo hate themselves, the Goths in turn hate everything around them, and in view of their worldview, the Goths are less prone to suicidal attitudes and disastrous outcomes, unlike emo.The Gothic movement has a love of cemeteries, baroque and gothic styles, so do not confuse these movements.

The world of emo is always filled with an explosive amount of deep personal experiences, which is why such people have dulled reaction to social events taking place around it, which can even result in detachment from the world and a pitiful outcome of suicide, because the other way out for these people is usually not see.

Appearance of emo

Who are the emo? Let's take a look at the most important distinguishing features of this subculture, which will help you pinpoint who is an emo. Among the many distinctive features can be identified such as:

  • Color in clothes: pink and black. Black symbolizes depression, alienation from the world, and pink - the opposition of the connection with the gothic movement.
  • The traditional emo hairstyle - oblique torn fringe, hanging down to the nose, covering at least one eye, behind the hair is short and sticking out in different directions. These are hard straight hair for young people, girls have all kinds of almost children's hairstyles (tails with bright hairpins and bows), two-layer hairstyles that include two colors, the main one of which is still the same black.
  • The presence of tunnels in the ears, piercing on the face and other parts of the body.
  • Like girls, emo-style young men use light-toned skin creams, thickly draw eyes with black pencil, paint eyelashes with mascara, and nails with varnish.
  • Tight tight T-shirts, narrow dark jeans with a dark or pink belt, simple sneakers with bright monochromatic laces or laces for checkered (emo has its own specific style of lacing), a checkered two-tone scarf around the neck, striped leggings on arms and legs; headbands with a bow, glasses large and bright, wristbands and multi-colored colored bracelets, a large "postal" bag with various icons.
  • What is rare in emo clothes - unisex clothing.
  • A variety of jewelry from rims with bows in the hair, large glasses of bright colors, various types of wristbands and bracelets on their hands, bright large beads to soft toys that play the role of talismans, with which they try not to part with ever before.

I think now you have at least the slightest idea of ​​who the emo are, and you can easily distinguish emo from goth or any other representative of a different subculture.

Emo Style Music

Probably the first question to appear: what's the difference between emo music and the rest? Emo music carries inse, screaming, crying, whispering, turning into a cry, these are songs about broken and unrequited love, about injustice, violence and cruelty full of peace. The sound is both soft melodic compositions, and heavy with anguish. One cannot compare this or that group, each person expresses different types of emotions in his own way, the most important thing is the sincerity of these emotions and that they come from the very soul. Any standard emo group does not differ in composition from any other musical group - these are bass, guitar, drums and, of course, a soloist with a beautiful melodic voice, able to take high notes. Simply put: powerful music, complex parts, impulsiveness in music and performance, the beautiful voice of a soloist singing about the problems of his unrequited love and the eternal problem of his being is emo music. I will give just some examples of groups that are suitable for the emo style: My Chemical Romance, Cursive, Neversmile, Origami, etc.

Nowadays, more and more teenagers are attached to the emo lifestyle. And it makes you think more and more about what is wrong and where the turning point in the life of a simple teenager happened.

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