Which toothpaste is better?

Since childhood, everyone knows that oral hygiene is a priority task, because toothache is one of the most unpleasant. In order to avoid it, people use toothpastes. Although, what a good toothpaste can cure teeth from caries or gum disease? None Indeed, what the toothpastes help is in cleansing the surface of the teeth, and they give a more fresh breath. As you can see, there are not so many benefits, at least, less than promised in advertising. But here there are some nuances, so choosing which toothpaste is the best is sometimes very difficult.

The composition of the paste

The basis for pastes of all types and all manufacturers is one. This binder is an abrasive and surfactant surfactant. They interact with the surface of the teeth. Further, antiseptics and some flavors are added in smaller amounts. Antiseptics disinfect the oral cavity, and flavors give a pleasant smell to the breath.

The composition of various pastes differs only in the presence of additives in the form of minerals, herbal infusions, salts, etc.These additives affect the additional qualities of the product, its color, and, accordingly, the price. Thus, the addition of menthol or mint to the toothpaste composition changes its color from white to turquoise.

Types of pastes

According to its main purpose, toothpastes are divided into therapeutic, prophylactic, hygienic and whitening. Children's pastes are hygienic, because practically no additives, but only clean the surface of the teeth. Therapeutic and prophylactic pastes have a healing effect on the teeth. These are toothpastes for sensitive teeth that block too sensitive nerve endings. Or pastes that strengthen the surface of the gums and prevent their bleeding.

The presence of fluoride in the composition of toothpaste provides a number of properties that strengthen the enamel. Therefore, setting yourself to choose which toothpaste is better, you should pay attention to the content of fluoride in it. The composition of medical pastes for sensitive teeth must include citrate or potassium nitrate. One of these pastes is Sensodyne.

The composition of the whitening pastes should include low-abrasive substances, because they are able to whiten teeth without damaging the enamel.Not superfluous would be the content in these pastes of the enzyme papain, splitting plaque on the teeth. You should pay attention to these elements if you are looking for which toothpaste bleaches better.

Only children's toothpastes are suitable for use by children, since there are no impurities in them that can cause allergies in the child. Toothpastes for adults are contraindicated for children. People who have diseases of the oral cavity, should pick up the paste only on the recommendation of the attending physician. And for the prevention and daily use, you can choose toothpaste, after consulting with a dentist.

The price of toothpaste depends not only on the additives and its beneficial properties, but also on the brand and packaging. Therefore, buying a toothpaste, you should first get acquainted with its composition and properties, and make sure that it is right for you. The manufacturer and bright advertising is not yet an indicator of a quality product.

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