Which showers are better?

The installation of shower cabins in an apartment is becoming more and more popular. Before ordinary baths, they have several advantages. But in order for the purchase to please you, you need to know which shower cabin is better to buy.

The first selection criterion is price. It is necessary to immediately understand that there are no low prices and high quality. Therefore do not choose a shower cabin, proceeding from the lowest cost. Such a product will be of low quality materials and, therefore, will not serve you for a long time. High prices for shower cabins, the best manufacturers - all this together is a guarantee of the quality and durability of the device.

So, buy a good shower is not easy. It can combine the functions of a bath or a hot tub, have different sash and tray. The shower cabin can be made of different materials. How not to get lost in such an abundance of goods?

Shower with steam generator

Many foreign companies, such as Spanish, Finnish, Swiss, Italian, German, offer a shower cabin with a sauna function.To do this, it must be equipped with a steam generator. Of course, such a booth will not make it to a real Finnish sauna. If the bath usually heats the air to 80 degrees Celsius, then in a shower stall the maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius is possible. The disadvantage of such models is that they are made of plastic. It heats up quickly, and therefore there is a risk of getting burned.

Of course, this shower is no substitute for a bath, but there is still some benefit from it. Warming up will have a good effect on your health, and this is useful in winter. When you come all chilled to the bone, I want to warm up faster. The warm bath still needs to be filled, and the water cools quickly, but a shower cabin with a steam generator will help in this matter better.

The best firms of shower cabins, in addition to the Sauna function, add the possibility of inhalation and aromatherapy. So, you can spend and cosmetic and medical procedures. Women will especially like it.

When choosing a shower cabin with a steam generator, you need to pay attention to the presence of a fan. It provides proper air circulation. With it, there is a uniform heating of the cabin.Without a fan, steam will rise upwards, and then hot air will be in the head area, and cold air at the feet.


Shower can be with the function of "massage". Depending on the device model, the number of massage modes varies. They are easy to calculate before purchase. To do this, you need to count the nozzles on the shower stall. These are holes that are located on the walls of the booth. As a rule, they are located in two rows.

The best showers are equipped not only with a side and back massage, but also for the neck and shoulders. Depending on the force of water pressure, different effects are created. The ideal option is freely rotating nozzles. So you can create the massage you need. Even better is the ability to independently regulate the jet head.

In pursuit of customers, shower manufacturers invent new massage modes. For example, you can create a waterfall, and a large amount of water will fall on you at once. There are models with the function of a contrast shower. Then hot and cold water will flow alternately on you.

Big choice

In order to understand which showers are better, you need to know their main differences.

  • The cabin itself is made of plastic, and the casement is made of glass. All of them are safe and durable, it is not possible to break them. The standard of quality plastic considered products from German manufacturers. A cab made of such material will last you twenty years.
  • It is important to consider the size of the cabin. Experts call the most optimal ratio of height and width 80 to 80. During a shower, a person does not stand in one place, and therefore he needs space. Of course, the bigger the booth, the better. It all depends on the size of the bathroom.
  • A good shower tray is a pledge of long service. It must be made of good and quality material and securely fastened. This point should be paid special attention if the floor is made of acrylic. Often it is reinforced with a single frame and held in place only around the perimeter. Consider that a minus of acrylic pallets is that they can not withstand the weight of a person.
  • When buying a shower cabin with the “Massage” function, you need to know if there is enough water pressure in your apartment. This information can easily be found in the housing office or in the management company. If the result is disappointing, then you do not need to take a multifunctional shower cubicle. Indeed, in any case, the massage will be impossible to hold.
  • The category of useful, but optional functions include water purification. This will allow to prolong the work of the cabin equipment. Also of doubt, the usefulness is the presence of a telephone, a radio, and even a mirror in the cabin.
  • When choosing a shower stall with the “Steam Generator” function, you should pay attention to the comfort of the seat. If for you it is low or too high, too deep or small, then you will be uncomfortable to sit.

What kind of shower cabins are good for you, this is determined only by you, since each person has individual needs and, accordingly, different requests for a set of functions and quality of the cabin. Definitely worth choosing only proven manufacturers who have proven themselves in the market. Take your time with the choice, examine the entire range provided. Also get ready for the fact that you have to carry out repairs in the bathroom.

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