Which mascara is better?

Very often in the departments of cosmetics you can find bewildered girls who twirl in their hands two or even more tubes of mascara for different companies. Which mascara is better: lengthening or adding volume, which brand to buy: your favorite one or try a novelty ... Answers to how many questions you need to find before choosing one mascara that suits you best. To facilitate the selection, try to figure out which mascara is better.

What are the carcasses

In women, everything is simple: short eyelashes - lengthen, rare - to give volume, straight - “curl”, etc. Therefore, before grabbing a tube, we decide what we want. There are 4 types of mascara:

  • with a lengthening effect - for owners of short cilia;
  • volume mascara - for long eyelashes;
  • mascara with a twist brush - an ideal choice if you are the owner of long but straight eyelashes;
  • waterproof - suitable, for example, for a trip to rest in warm countries or a trip to the pool.

How to choose mascara

We proceed directly to the choice. The main attention is drawn to the mascara brush.Now we offer a variety of brushes: with villi, silicone brushes with spikes, etc. By the way, you can determine the type of mascara just by brush. Elongated villi, closely spaced to each other, are characteristic of carcasses with a lengthening effect. Lush brushes with a short or long nap - this is a voluminous mascara. Well, a twist mascara is distinguished by its curved brush, which lifts the eyelashes and thus gives them shape.

Of course, the best way to buy mascara correctly is to try it on your eyelashes. But if for one reason or another you can not make up the eyelashes in the store, then brush the brush on the hair on your hand. The result you should get: maximum carcass on the hairs, minimum - on the skin. The main rule when buying mascara - no action "in the blind." If you do not have the opportunity to try the mascara, it is better to refrain from buying or to seek advice from a consultant.

Shelf life

Trite, but often buying a particular cosmetic, we forget to look at the expiration date. But even if you are convinced that the time limit suits you perfectly, pay attention to the packaging itself.If the product is sold in a box that is wrapped in film, you can safely pay for the purchase. If the mascara is sold without packaging, in this case it is necessary to open the tube and look at the wand holding the brush. If the mascara was opened, the mascara will be smeared on it. We advise you to refrain from buying this tube, since do not forget: along with the expiration date, mascara also has a lifespan. Its countdown begins with the opening of the tube (3-4 months).


If you are allergic to cosmetics, then we advise you when buying any cosmetic product, including mascara, to seek help from a consultant. Only he will offer you a special hypoallergenic products.

If you wear contact lenses, then you should buy mascara for sensitive eyes. Hypoallergenic carcasses may also be suitable. Well, modern cosmetology does not stand still, and any self-respecting brand offers mascara, which is suitable when wearing contact lenses. Relevant information should be placed on the tube.

It is difficult to answer the question - what kind of mascara is better to buy. Now, for example, in the top of the most famous are:

  • lengthening Lash Extension Effect from MaxFactor. Her special brush with long and frequent villi ensures that the mascara rests exactly on the eyelashes. The result is long, attractive eyelashes;
  • a brush in the form of a mascara sphere. Telescopic Explosion from L'Oreal paints even the smallest eyelashes without gluing them, which makes eyelashes more voluminous;
  • for those who want to immediately get long, voluminous and curled eyelashes - the ideal option is the Le 2 de Guerlain mascara;
  • Chanel mascara gives excellent effect, in particular, Inimitable - waterproof, lengthening mascara with twisting effect - an excellent choice for active and self-confident women;
  • and, of course, you can not ignore the mascara Sumptuous Estee Lauder, which makes volumetric and curled even the rarest and smallest eyelashes.

And, nevertheless, the main advice that we want to give you is not to pursue advertising. No need to buy mascara just because it is popular. Its ideal option - what kind of mascara is good - each girl finds herself, through trial and error. Be careful when buying mascara and beautiful look with perfect eyelashes.

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