Which graphics card is better for gaming?

Fans of computer games are well aware that the quality of the video card affects the quality of the game. After all, today games are made with very beautiful graphics, and the more beautiful and detailed graphics, the more powerful and better the graphics card is needed.

Those who are just about to update their video card or purchase a new computer will find this article useful, which we will find out which video card is best for games.

Components and main characteristics of the video card

  1. Video chip - the main factor that affects the speed of processing graphic information. According to the characteristics of different chips from different manufacturers can not be compared, it is necessary to conduct tests on the Internet.
  2. Video memory - DDR, DDR2, GDDR3, GDDR4, GDDR5. The more, of course, the better and, which is not so pleasant, more expensive. But the price usually justifies the quality.
  3. The frequency of the memory depends on the type of video card. The larger the value, the faster the device operates.
  4. The bus width is from 64 to 768 bits. This is the amount of information that can be transmitted by the video card at a time.
  5. Memory. A weak card (in frequency) will not cope with large volumes.For example: a card with a capacity of 512 MB and a 384 bus will work much faster than a card with a memory of 1024 MB and a 128-bit bus. Pay attention to frequency and bus, not memory.

Types of video cards

The performance of a video card depends on many factors, but most of all - on the architecture of the chip and its immediate characteristics. Video cards can be divided into built-in and external:

  1. Built-in for high-end games, most likely, will not work because of the quality. It is at least acceptable, but not perfect.
  2. External is perfect for working with difficult graphic applications (for example, modern video games).

In addition, video cards can be divided by price:

  1. Low cost - well suited for players who play only from time to time. This card is suitable if the old video card burned out, and you are looking for something to replace it. This is an inexpensive and optimal option. Usually the bus in such cards is 128 bits, and the volume is 512 or 1024 MB. Outdated maps also belong to this type. Since progress does not stand still, new, more and more advanced video cards come out, while old ones fall in value. These cards include the following:
    • NVidia - GeForce GT440, GT540, GT630 / 640 and others.
    • AMD - RadeOn HD4830, HD5670, HD6670, HD7730 and others.
  2. Medium - great for bringing the "insides" of the computer in a modern look. With this card you can play the games that come out now, perhaps even with high resolution. Here the value of the bus is already greater - 256-384 bits, the volume remains at about 1024 MB, but this is more than enough. These are maps:
    • for NVidia: GeForce GTS450, GTX560 (Ti) and GTX650 (Ti).
    • for AMD: RadeOn HD6770, HD6850, HD7850, HD7770, HD7790 and others.
  3. High class - of course, ideal. The best of the best, most powerful graphics cards with high performance and high bus width. These cards consume a lot of computer power and require the same powerful components of the system unit, since they have more than two graphics processors. But the cost, of course, can reach the price of the computer itself. But only in a couple of years, its value will fall, and new, even more “tricked” video cards will come out. But, nevertheless, this is the card with which the game will not “slow down”. These cards include:
    • NVidia: GeForce GTX670, GTX680, GTX690, GTX760, GTX770, GTX780 Titan Models, etc.
    • AMD: RadeOn HD6870, HD6950 / 70/90, HD7870, HD7950 / 70/90, R9 270X, R9 280X, R9 290X and other models.

Based on this information, you will be able to choose a graphics card affordable, which will meet all your requirements.

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