Which eyelashes are better?

Absolutely every woman has long, thick eyelashes. After all, long eyelashes make your look expressive, languid and mysterious. Good for those lucky with eyelashes - put a couple of layers of mascara, that's all. And what about those whose eyelashes are short and rare? So live, dreaming of beautiful eyes, and quietly envy beauties from commercials?

Fortunately, everything is not so bad. Today's beauty industry has done the maximum so that everyone who wants to be irresistible has this opportunity. Thanks to the extensible and glued lashes, you will be able to indulge in the languor of gaze with those whom nature itself has endowed with it. And it is still unknown who will win in this fight.

Today there is a fairly large assortment of eyelashes, and before choosing which eyelashes are better, let's consider the features of some of them.

False eyelashes

False eyelashes in cosmetics stores a great variety. There are both natural and thicker and black, there are colored eyelashes, there are with sparkles and ornaments.This type of eyelashes is designed to be worn for one evening. What false eyelashes better, you decide. It all depends on the event for which you have gathered, putting this beauty on your eyes.

To eyelashes looked good, you need to glue them correctly. In principle, you can master this procedure yourself, though you will first have to suffer a little. In this case, the important point is glue. Do not save on it if you do not want to be without eyelashes at the most unnecessary moment or to earn an allergy.

How to stick?

  1. Before you glue false eyelashes, you need to make up your own mascara.
  2. Gently take the eyelash tape and apply glue on it.
  3. After 30 seconds, attach the eyelashes as close as possible to yours.
  4. To make the place of gluing invisible, use a liquid eyeliner.

These eyelashes can be stuck several times. The main thing, after you have removed them, it is necessary to remove the remains of glue from them. Keep eyelashes need in a special box on a plastic stand.

Extended lashes

Which eyelashes are better to grow? Eyelashes of this type are silk, mink and sable. But do not flatter yourself, this classification speaks only about the diameter of a single eyelash, and not about the material from which it is made. In fact, all eyelashes are artificial.

Silk eyelashes have a diameter of 0.1 mm. They are light and look natural, besides, they cause minimal damage to their eyelashes. These eyelashes are best suited for blondes and those with thin and weak eyelashes.

Mink have a large diameter and look like already made up.

Sable eyelashes are the darkest and thickest. Their diameter is 0.2-0.25 mm. They are suitable for girls who have their thick and black eyelashes. And, although they look bright and spectacular, however, they do not hold on for very long due to their gravity.

Depending on how the eyelashes are attached, the extension is divided into the eyelash and tufts.


With this type of extension, eyelash bundles are attached with glue to the eyelid skin at the base of the eyelashes. This procedure from an experienced specialist does not take much time. These eyelashes look much better and more naturally glued. It is not so expensive, although for a long time you are also unlikely to carry them. But if you intend to improve your appearance only for a couple of days, then this method is ideal for you.

Lacquer build-up

This buildup is more labor intensive, therefore, it costs more and takes more time.The cilium of a person at its base is somewhat thicker than at the end. And it is precisely to the base of each cilia, and an artificial one is glued.

These eyelashes look as natural as possible, and, moreover, they do not need to be painted, which saves you time, allowing you to look beautiful in any situation. If you take care of your extended eyelashes, you will be able to pass with them for a whole month.

Contraindications to build up

Unfortunately, not everyone can please themselves with extended eyelashes. There are some contraindications:

  • Allergy to glue. If it appears, then the eyelashes need to be urgently removed.
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Own weakened, falling eyelashes.
  • Oily skin on the face dissolves glue and does not allow eyelashes to hold on for a long time.

What is the best eyelash extensions, it all depends on what purpose you are building them and how long you need them. The main thing is to choose the material you need and a good specialist.

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