Which company from which country "occurs"?

Which company from which country "occurs"?

  1. BEKO - Turkey
    Daewoo - Korea
    Gorenje -?
    Hitachi - Japan
    LG - Korea
    Panasonic - Japan
    Samsung - Korea
    Scarlett - England (China?)
    Thomas - Germany
    Zanussi - Italy?
    Delonghi - Italy?
    Electrolux - sweden
    Philips - Netherlands
    Siemens - Germany
    Toshiba - Japan
    Vitek - Austria
    Moulinex - France
    Wellton ???
    Bosch - Germany
    Polaris - China
    Rowenta -?
    Kenwood - England
    Tefal - France
    Bork - Germany?
    Braun - Germany

    I know what I wrote ....)

  2. No shoe master Carlo Pazolini exists and never existed. Sounds, of course, great. Caresses the hearing of every woman who lives with a firm and just conviction that the best shoes in the world are Italian. Carlo Pazolini Group is the name of a Russian company that has its own shoe factories in Russia and China and a chain of branded stores.

    President of the company Golder Electronics and owner of the brand Vitek Andrey Derevyanchenko at the start of his career combined trade in technology with the work of a security guard. Five years ago he registered the trademark Vitek in Austria. The name comes from the words vita (in Latin life) and tech (in the sense of technique). Contrary to popular belief, there is no Vitka in the business of the eponymous company. The place of registration allows Vitek to write on boxes. Manufacturer: Austria. Mr. Derevyanchenko's technique was initially positioned as a quality product at a price of 1015% cheaper than similar, but well-known brands. However, later the company could afford to acquire its own design bureau to develop unique models of equipment. Now Mr. Derevyanchenko is proud of the teapot developed this year, flashing red lights along the perimeter and a glowing blue neon light.

    Together with Derevyanchenko, Yevgeny Nazarov, the founder of the less famous brand of household appliances Vigor (founded from English vigorous courageous, strong), also started, it is registered in Hungary. In Moscow, Vigor's office is located in the room rented from the Vympel plant, where 20 people are sitting, all household appliances are standing and smells nice from the factory canteen.
    Commercial director of Vigor Alexander Nazarov does not hide that all household appliances of them, like any other Russian company, is bought in the countries of Southeast Asia, is assembled in the same factories and often not just looks like the outside, but is the same. We come to factories, see what they offer us, choose the models we like and agree on the price for which they will put the name of our brand on the kettle, he says. Development of its own design does not make sense: it's expensive, and even stolen anyway.

    The trademark Scarlett (owned by Arima Holding Corp., a joint offspring of Chinese and Russians), the manufacturer of the most widely-bought teapots in Russia, is registered in England in 1996 and is named after Scarlett Ohara Hamilton Kennedy Butler. Because the target audience was seen by the ancestors of the brand mostly female, economic, but not alien to the classics of literature and romance.

    Rolsen brand, invented in 1995 by the graduate of MIPT Sergey Belousov is used for TVs, home theaters, monitors, mobile phones and washing machines. But Rolsen never exchanged his name for irons. The company started with the assembly of LG televisions, and now it also produces its own at the factory in Fryazino (details are purchased in South-East Asia). Recently, most successfully Rolsen sold monitors and televisions, which it produces for 150 thousand.

    Which company from which country

    and 240 thousand pieces per year, respectively. At the same plant in the Moscow region of Fryazino, all 20-, 21 and 25-inch LG TVs sold in Russia are made.

    The trademark Kaiser, which works in the market as a German company from the middle of the 90-x and invented by the founder's father Pavel Loginov, does not deal in a trifle either. This brand successfully saturates the market with large-sized kitchen appliances. Her mister Loginov does at the same plant in Poland, which also manufactures products under the brand Hansa.

    The brands Techno, Trony and Elenberg are also not Western. They belong to the large retail chains of Technosila, Mir and Eldorado, respectively. They are only present in the stores of these networks. No Elenberg, say, in Technosila can not be found.

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