Which cars galvanized body

The galvanized body does not corrode and lasts longer thanks to a special coating - zinc. Not all cars are galvanized, it is an expensive pleasure. Let's look at which cars have a galvanized body.

Manufacturers, especially on older cars, use zinc-containing primer. It is cheaper and easier. It is also reliable, but it will not replace a full galvanization.

In terms of the automotive industry, the Germans are the most advanced, therefore Audi has already galvanized bodies since the 80s. Now they zinc adjacent to the body parts (bumper, body kits, etc.). Many other grades are galvanized, but some manufacturers prefer other methods of corrosion protection, since zinc is harmful to the environment.

The maximum warranty period galvanized - 15 years. But there are galvanized cars of 30 years old, on which there is no hint of rust. It is advisable to carry out anti-corrosion treatment of the body once every 3 years, especially if you earn money on cars. So you extend the life of the "iron horse".

If the car is treated carefully, follow, drive carefully, it will repay a long and impeccable service, regardless of the manufacturer.

Stamps with galvanized body - list

Audi (almost all models), Ford (most models), new Chevrolet, Logan, Citroen, Volkswagen, all Opel Astra, Insignia and some Opel Vectra.

The galvanized body of the Skoda Octavia, Peugeot (all models), Fiat Marea (models from 2010 release), all Hyundai, but after damage to the paintwork (paintwork) quickly appears rust. All models Reno Megan and Volvo since 2005 release.

Modern Lada come with a partially galvanized body, and on the Lada Granta - the whole body. You can list for a long time, it's easier to look at the site of a particular manufacturer and see what it offers.

Proper car care

Most good cars are covered with a special phosphoric solution that protects against corrosion. It is cheaper and environmentally safer, but the slightest damage to the coating of the rhinestone forms a good place for rust.

Corrosion is a rather tricky thing and it is difficult to hide from it. To make the machine live longer without rust, keep it in a dry place. This will help to avoid other problems crippling the "horse".

Pay special attention to the car in the winter.Salt-containing snow damages the anti-corrosion layer. Try to drive carefully on dirt roads. Stones accidentally blown away from tires can damage galvanizing.

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In conclusion, I will add: no matter what car brand, price, manufacturer you have, the main thing is the attitude to it. With careful operation and timely maintenance, even a “decrepit old woman” will last a very long time.

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