Which bed is better?

How nice to make preparations for the appearance of a child! Young mummies sometimes do not even understand themselves what happiness they have — the opportunity to give birth to a baby and become a mother. But with the advent of the child have to buy a huge amount of things, among which stands out for the place occupied, the importance and price of one - the bed! Now on sale there are a huge number of models. Let's examine which bed is better, according to experienced mummies, who have already raised a child and are waiting for the second one. This article is based on their findings.

Cot or rocking chair

Children's things rarely throw in the trash, most often they are given to those families where the baby should appear. In this case, there are no questions about which cot is better, and rightly so! First, with this gift you can save. Secondly, all experienced moms say that the old models of cots are much better than modern ones, which are equipped with rocking function, dressed in beautiful fabric curtains, with bright new shiny paint. The advantages of such beds are as follows.The impossibility to swing does not make the child unhappy, but the mother will sit all night long and swing. The child loves this process so much, gets used to it so quickly that in the end he does not fall asleep without motion sickness, as soon as it stops, he wakes up and needs to be continued. So why accustom the child to motion sickness after falling asleep? Pump up the baby in your arms, put to sleep in a static bed.

New or old

The second advantage of the old crib is manufacturing technology. Previously, there were no Chinese goods, everything was native, domestic, there were norms and standards, especially in relation to children's things. Decide which bed is better for the newborn, remember that there are a lot of complaints about new furniture now - it evaporates into the air the formaldehydes that are strongly impregnated on the human respiratory organs, which are contained in wood impregnation. People who buy furniture often get rid of it, because the opening allergy causes swelling of the throat. So why do you need a new bed for the baby? If you manage to take from someone b / y shnuyu, then nothing like this with you and the child will not happen.And if you are still buying a new one, then choose a domestic cot, the manufacturer whom your girlfriends who have already given birth will recommend you.


A great offer from Russian manufacturers for families that do not have large children's rooms - transforming bed. It consists of three parts. The first is the bed itself, the second is a chest of drawers attached to it with a large number of drawers. The third part is just gorgeous! This is the built-in part of the bed. Not cots, but beds! When the baby grows up, you can remove the bars, push the lower part, you get a full bed for a child 4-7 years old. When deciding which bed to buy, look closely at the transformer. It is convenient and economical. Of course, there are no wheels for easy movement. Rate, do you need them, will you move the crib?

Cot for the first days

If you are not limited in funds, then consider which bed to choose in the first days and months of the baby. On sale appeared excellent cribs that do not have one wall, they are attached to my mother's bed, adjustable in height. It turns out that my mother's bed has a continuation, and the baby is sleeping there.This bed is designed for a child up to 7-8 months.

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