Which alloy wheels are better?

If you decide to equip your car with something extraordinary and beautiful, most likely you will stop your choice on alloy wheels. Suppose you decide on a model and color, the size of your wheels, as a car enthusiast you probably know. But which alloy wheels are better? This will be discussed.

Parameters of alloy wheels

You can buy alloy wheels, which will slightly exceed the regular size, but in this case you need to put low profile tires on them. In this case, the outer diameter of the wheel will remain the same. The mass of the wheel practically does not increase, but it will look more beautiful. But the diameter is not the only parameter that you should pay attention to when choosing a cast disk.

What other parameters are important?

  • Departure, that is, the distance between the plane of the symmetric arrangement of the disk and the plane of its mounting. And here it’s best not to experiment. You should carefully read the instructions for your car to find out the size of the recommended departure. Some motorists deliberately put the wheels with reduced overhangs to give stability to the car, and this miracle looks more aggressive.However, this kind of procedure increases the load on the hub bearings.
  • Another parameter worth considering is the diameter of the center of the mounting holes (circle diameter, PCD), as well as the number of these holes. Alloy wheels, which PCD-marking will be different from the one that is marked on your car, you can not install.
  • It is worth paying attention also to the bolts that fasten the disk. Usually the bolts are already bundled with the disks, but these disks may not fit your design or will be expensive. Note that too short bolts are an unreliable fixing of the disc, which are very long, on the contrary, can catch the stationary parts of the car when the wheel rotates. The diameter of the center hole of the disc and the hole under the hub, denoted by the Latin letters DIA. When the size of the DIA is slightly larger than the size of the hub, there are special adapters, centering rings, which are mainly sold complete with a disc. Most manufacturers make alloy wheels with a large central hole, so that the wheels can fit most cars.
  • The final aspect that also needs attention is the width of the rim of the disk, which is measured in inches. This option is important if you buy wheels on existing tires.Then the parameter is very important, since when the difference between the width of the disk and the tire is broken, the geometry of the contact of the wheel with the road.

Aluminum or magnesium

With the parameters figured out, but what alloy wheels to buy, magnesium or aluminum? Consider below the merits of these materials.

  • Aluminum alloy wheels are resistant to water and salt, even when the enamel coating is slightly damaged.
  • Magnesium alloy wheels are lighter in weight than aluminum ones, but are more susceptible to corrosion, because of this they are more stringent requirements for the protective layer, and spare parts for them are chosen more carefully.
  • Aluminum in the air is covered with a protective oxide film, the degree of thermal expansion in which is the same as that of the metal.
  • Magnesium is also covered with a protective layer of oxide, but this layer is rather loose.

Draw conclusions! What are some good alloy wheels? Stop the choice on aluminum cast disks, carefully select bolts for fastenings, check compatibility of disks and a nave. There is another small point: on the wheel balancing, use self-adhesive weights, because if you score a weight, it can damage the lacquer, and the lead weight with the metal of the disk forms a galvanic pair, which will accelerate the corrosion processes.

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