Where to sell coins?

Few people know that today there are markets that are interested in various areas of antiques sales. And we are talking not only about coins of quite an old sample, dating back several centuries. The coins that have been issued recently are bought very well. It's all about their rarity. Let's talk about where to sell coins. So:

Sell ​​old coins

Where can I sell coins? Before you sell a coin, you need to be well prepared for this. Any sane person understands that his buyer looks not only at the value of the coin, but also at its appearance. Below we will talk about the places of sale of precious money, but first about the methods of their transformation in the eyes of potential buyers.

  • A coin is not a complicated mechanism that needs to function smoothly. A coin is a piece of material, whose appearance must tell the buyer that he should purchase this coin. Before selling, be sure to bring the goods in order: eliminate stains, clean the coin to shine.
  • When submitting an ad for sale, you should carefully consider your comment, be it a forum or a newspaper.You should not write about the fact that you get rid of the trash, otherwise the buyer will offer its price given this condition.
  • A high-quality photo of your coin is what will allow you to sell it at an exorbitant price. You should not make excuses and write that the "live" coin looks better. The buyer only sees the picture for which he is willing to pay.

Where to sell coins of the USSR

Well, now directly to the places of sale of your coins.

  • If you do not want to go out of the house anywhere, then your road should go in the direction of a computer that has Internet access. The fact is that today, it is in the global network you can find a large number of forums that are devoted to one idea and goal: the sale and purchase of coins. Here are a couple of examples:,. In these forums you can find out everything about buying and selling coins.
  • Numismatic auctions are another place where you can sell your coin. Numismatics is a special term defined by the type of collectibles. It should be noted a number of advantages of auctions over other types of sales:
    • In any case, the minimum price is shifting upwards;
    • High buying activity will contribute to your quick profit, especially if you are the holder of several valuable coins.Auctions - this is primarily the competition of buyers with each other, and this is only to your advantage;
    • Many buyers are hoping for a price reduction if you sell your coin in a regular forum. In the auction situation, everything is different. The buyer can not afford to wait, otherwise the price will increase.
    • Day trading collects a whole audience just for selling your coins.
    • The rules of the auction helps to minimize the risks of the entire enterprise of sale.
    • The auction itself is a kind of action that attracts a variety of people. The auction has a shade of competition that is so cute to many of us.
    • The upper limit of the price of your coin can be as high as possible and even more.
    • Also, an auction is a good opportunity to learn about the pricing policy of this market segment. Don't know how much a coin costs? Put it up for sale at auction, and you will quickly get an accurate idea of ​​prices at the moment.

On these links you will find the best online auctions of RuNet coins. Here is where to sell commemorative coins.

And where to sell old coins and where in Moscow to sell coins? Do not forget that people may be interested in your coins not only from the Internet, but also from the real world that surrounds you in your hometown.Surely, you will find a museum or exhibition that will be interested in one or another instance from your collection. In addition, numismatics is a popular hobby, so by submitting an ad to a newspaper, you can contact a person who is interested in one or another coin from your collection.

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