Where to play bowling in Ufa

Bowling is a sport game, the goal of which is to shoot as few pins as possible on the track with the smallest number of special balls.

Rules, technique of the game and terms

The rules of bowling are simple, so this entertainment is popular even among non-professionals: there are bowling centers in almost any city.

To knock down the largest number of pins, each player is given two attempts (two frames). The number of points directly depends on how many pieces were shot down.bowling ufa

The most successful throw is the one in whichit is possible to knock out the strike, that is, with one ball, knock down all the pins. For the strike, the player receives 10 points, for two strikes in a row (double) - 20 points, for three (triple) - 30 points.

In the event that the player knocks down all the pins notone, and two blows, this is called spe. Spade is also considered a good result: it gives 10 points plus the number of pieces shot down in the next frame (throw).

Bowling in Ufa. "Merry Roger" in the park Yakutova

One of the most popular places where you can play bowling in Ufa is the entertainment complex "Cheerful Roger", located in the park of Ivan Yakutov at ul. Lenin, 65/3.planet bowling ufa

In "Jolly Roger" is installed the newestequipment for the game: luminous neon tracks and projection screens. In addition, the complex includes gaming attractions and a restaurant. In the summer there is an outdoor terrace, where various musical performances and show programs take place.

Payment for the hour of playing bowling in Ufa in "MerryRoger "depends on the day of the week and time of day (the lowest prices - in the morning and in the afternoon, the highest - in the evening). From Monday to Friday in the afternoon - 360 rubles, in the evening - 500-690 rubles; on weekends in the afternoon and in the evening - 750 rubles, at night - 630 rubles.

By typing in a single game a certain number of points, you can get various bonuses and gifts. For example, for 120 points a "guest card" with three visits is issued, and for 165 - an additional hour of the game.

"Megaland" in the SEC "Planet"

Bowling Park in Ufa in the "Planet", located on theaddress of the street. Enthusiasts, 20 (the second floor of the SEC) is the largest entertainment complex in Bashkortostan. There is a children's amusement park, a pizzeria and twelve paths, each of which can play up to eight people at the same time.bowling in ufu reviews

From Monday to Friday, the hour of the game costs 360-490 rubles, depending on the time of day, on weekends - 420-590 rubles.

Reviews about bowling in Ufa in RK "Megaland"mostly positive. Visitors note the convenience of tracks for children, a small weight of balls and the ability to raise the skirts. The children's amusement park includes a variety of amusement rides (labyrinth, rope park, trampoline and others).

Megaland is a popular place for family holidays, so there can be a lot of people on the weekend. Bowling tracks are recommended to book in advance, for several days.

"Megapolis" in the TRC "Iremel"

To play bowling in Ufa it is possible also in"Megapolis". This entertainment complex is located on the street. Mendeleyev, 137 on the fourth floor of the TRC "Iremel". There are 20 tracks working here, 6 of which are equipped with special bumps and are suitable for children. The cost of the hour of the game from Monday to Thursday varies from 330 to 660 rubles, on Friday and on weekends - from 480 to 870 rubles.

There are various promotions and discounts. For example, 20% on the menu and fun on the birthday, and also for seven days before and after it. For the action "Family Bowling" (with a child under 14 years old) the hour of the game on any day before 17:00 will cost only 330 rubles. For three knocked out strikes in a row, you can get a special gift.

In addition, on the territory of the complex are locateda cinema with six rooms, several cafes, slot machines and billiards. There is an opportunity to rent a site for any children's holiday, order an individual menu and entertainment program with animators.

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