Where can I go?

My husband went on a business trip for a few weeks and, as always, it all began to break down. The valve is leaking, the handle on the window is sticking, the drain tank is not working. Where can I turn in Moscow to eliminate these problems?
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Answered on February 25 23:08
I live alone, so your problems are familiar to me. But I usually go for help to a neighbor or call someone from my friends to come and fix something. You, too, must be among friends and men.
Answered 25 February 23:14
Usually, in this case, I use the service master for an hour. There were problems with the wiring, called, waited for them not long. Work done well. If necessary, I can look for a phone number.
Answered 25 February 23:18
When something breaks, sometimes it is difficult to find someone to fix it. But I would not call for hard work, it is not clear whom. It is better to invite a qualified wizard from the service. There, as a rule, prices for services are normal and specialists are good.

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