Where to find a sponsor?

Many young businessmen and some enterprising girls are in dire need of sponsors. We will help both those and others: let's talk in more detail about where and how to find a sponsor in both cases.

Business Sponsor

Finding the right business sponsor is not always easy. In an organization, this is usually done by a public relations specialist or a marketing director. To find a good sponsor, follow these tips:

  • For a sponsor to become interested in your company, it must be attractive and profitable for him. Your cooperation with the sponsor should be mutually beneficial. You need to prepare to present your company to the sponsor in a favorable light. Make a presentation, prepare a story about the achievements and successes of the company, a short business plan, present in the best light strong development prospects, etc.
  • The easiest way is to look for sponsors in a way similar to your company. So, if you work in the field of sports, then as a sponsor you can look after a good sporting goods store.
  • You can search for a sponsor in your own city - examine possible candidates, choose the most suitable of them, or on the Internet - look at special sites where those who are looking for sponsors submit ads and create similar ones.

Kept woman sponsor

Sponsors are also required for girls who prefer to receive gifts and money from wealthy men for their beauty, communication and sex. In such a pair, romantic feelings are not excluded, but the basis is the calculation, where everyone gets what he wants, instead of what he can give. We do not urge anyone to seek such relationships, but we do not condemn it either - so if you want to create such a union, we will give some tips on how to find a sponsor.

  • Before looking for a sponsor, you need to carefully prepare yourself so that he wants to support you. You need to be beautiful and well-groomed, learn to be interesting for men, know how to communicate and behave properly with them, be experienced and inventive in sex.
  • It is necessary to search for a sponsor where rich men like to visit and relax: prestigious parties, fashionable resorts, fashionable events and places, prestigious sports clubs, etc.You can also use the usual dating sites, where in the questionnaire you need to specify exactly what kind of relationship you are looking for to be written by suitable men. Also register on a special site for sponsors and keep-in women - you can choose any, you just need to type in the search for “looking for a sponsor”, and you will receive many links to similar sites.
  • Remember that the kept woman and the prostitute are not the same thing. The kept women are mostly faithful, meet with one man, do not post too explicit photos on the Internet, do not behave defiantly. With the kept woman, if necessary, you can go out into the light, present it to other people.
  • Clearly let the man know what kind of relationship you want, since it's fair. Otherwise, it may turn out that you want one, and he will love you and will want to start a family with you when you are not ready for this.
  • "Papica" also need to keep. To do this, you need to remain mysterious, sexy, interesting, exciting, independent, able to flirt, etc. Read various literature about female attractiveness, learn the basics of seduction.

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