Where is Rybinsk?

April 25, 2015
Where is Rybinsk?

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The Russian city of Rybinsk is located in the Yaroslavl Region, about 80 km from the regional capital, the oldest city of Yaroslavl. On the map of Russia, it is located north of (i.e., above) Moscow - so you can easily find where Rybinsk is located, even though it is a small city.

Rybinsk stands on the banks of the Volga, in a place where three rivers merge: the Volga, Sheksna and Bird cherry, next to the Rybinsk reservoir built in the 20th century.

From Moscow to Rybinsk - 270 km. Such large cities as Kostroma, Cherepovets, Vologda, Ivanovo, Vladimir are located in relative proximity.

This is a small town with a population of about 195 thousand people. If you decide to get to Rybinsk by car, you can “drive” the following coordinates into the navigator: 58 ° 03 ′ s. sh. 38 ° 50 ′ c. Even before Rybinsk, you can take a train or a ferry (although this type of transport is not popular today).

Interesting facts about the city

Rybinsk at different times had different names. In addition to the modern, there were also such ones: Ust-Sheksna, Fish Village, Shcherbakov, Andropov.

Rybinsk hosts stages of the World Cup in cross-country skiing, where the strongest athletes of the planet arrive. Therefore, if you have long wanted to visit the stage, but there is not enough money for a trip abroad, it is worth going to this city.

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