Where did the app appear?

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Answered on May 3, 2015 19:51
Applique (from the Latin word "putting on") - an interesting type of artistic activity is a way of working with colored pieces of paper, fabric, leather, fur, felt, colored beads, beads, wool, metal chased platinum, all sorts of matter, dried leaves. Such use of various materials and structures in order to enhance the expressive possibilities is very close to another means of image - a collage. The application was born a long time ago. She appeared as a way to decorate clothes and shoes, household utensils and tools of labor, the interior of her home. Perhaps the first impetus to the appearance of applications was the need to sew skins for clothing, and the first stitch prompted the person that they could not only combine the details of clothing, but also decorate it. Parts cut from these materials were attached to clothing. So there was an application. The plot became animals, birds, the people themselves, fantastic monsters, beautiful flowers and plants, scenes of hunting and everyday life. Applications are available even to young children: it is much easier to create a whole from the existing parts than to create a mosaic from the same pattern. Parts of the application can be prepared in advance and given to their child to create an image, but the mosaic is not. In the work on the application using glue, scissors, colored paper (which can be made by using paints or markers), wrapping paper, magazines, foil, candy wrappers, foam rubber and just unexpected materials. The term "appliqué" includes ways of creating works of art from materials with different properties and texture, united by the similarity of the technique of execution. Each material has its own characteristics, which have a decisive influence on the technique of the application. For example, paper, straw, dried plants, bark, are attached to the background with various adhesives; poplar down overlaid on velvet paper. Application is the simplest and most accessible way to create artwork, while maintaining the realistic basis of the image itself. This makes it possible to widely use the application, not only for decoration purposes, but also in the creation of paintings, panels, ornaments, etc. The main features of the application are silhouette, plane generalized interpretation of the image, the locality of large color spots. The application may be subject, consisting of separate images; plot, showing a set of actions, events; decorative, including ornaments, patterns that can decorate various objects.

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