When to plant a melon?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
February 3, 2015
When to plant a melon?

Not all plants are grown in the same conditions. Someone needs more moisture, someone needs more light and heat. Such a plant is a melon. Melon more whimsical to growing conditions than its neighbor in the family - the pumpkin.

About when to plant a melon and what conditions should be taken into account when planting, described in the article.

Conditions for germinating seeds

Most often, the melon is planted already ready seedlings, but you can prepare it yourself. First engaged in the germination of seeds. They are placed in wet material so that they are saturated with moisture and sprouted. The optimum temperature at which the sprouts begin to show themselves should correspond to the interval from 25 to 35ºС. To stimulate growth, seeds can be placed in different trace element solutions. This procedure is carried out at the request of gardeners. The growing period of melon seedlings is short - 30-35 days.

Conditions for growing seedlings

Next, the melon is prepared for planting, and it happens in mid-April-early May.It is important to ensure normal light and temperature conditions. In naturally warm latitudes, seedlings can be planted in open space. In conditions with temperatures that do not reach a certain level (20-25ºС required), seedlings continue to grow in greenhouses. Also, seedlings should be planted in moist soil with a certain interval of plants from each other so that they do not touch.

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