When to go on vacation?

You honestly deserve your vacation by honest work, but why, very often, does leaving the employer and the employee going on vacation cause a serious conflict? What you need to know in order to protect your rights. For this, it is worthwhile to find out when to go on vacation so as not to violate the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

The procedure for granting holidays

This procedure is clearly prescribed in the Labor Code. Any employee who has worked at the enterprise for 6 months has the right to take a vacation. Its calculation begins from the date of employment, and it is provided for the entire holiday year. It should be noted that the uninterrupted part of the leave must be provided without fail until the end of the holiday year. Every year, until December 15, enterprises draw up vacation schedules for the next year. In drawing up such a schedule, the interests of both parties must be taken into account. One of the main conditions is the uniformity of the provision of vacations throughout the year. Employees who have benefits have the right to choose their own vacation dates.The vacation schedule takes effect as soon as it is approved by the management and agreed with the union. From this point on, the schedule is obligatory for execution by both the employee and the employer.


2 weeks before the start of the leave, the employee must be given a written notice indicating the exact date of the leave. If the month was specified in the schedule, the employee will be asked to issue a handwritten application with a specific date. When the application is signed, the personnel department specialist will have to prepare an order for leave, as well as a settlement note. On the basis of these documents, the employee will be charged vacation pay, which must be paid before the start of the holiday for 3 days. If for some reason the money has not been paid, the employee has the right to refuse the leave provided.

Best time to go.

Now you know when you can go on vacation, according to the labor code. Let's now figure out when is the best time to relax, so that the body gets maximum pleasure, vitamins and health? In order for the rest to go to your advantage, you need to know what time of the year to rest.As a rule, as summer approaches, everyone starts thinking about holidays: the sun shines very brightly, thoughts of a cool fresh breeze and a warm azure sea come to mind. However, doctors argue that the rest in the summer is not so useful. For many people, a long stay in the sun is contraindicated, and in the summer it is very difficult to avoid. But if you prefer to bask in the warm beach, then take a vacation from June to August. People who do not tolerate the heat better go on vacation in late March or early October. It is in the fall and spring that the human immune system "wears out" the most. Therefore, at this time of year and should relax. Thanks to this rest you can avoid many exacerbations, mental and somatic. The optimal time for holidays is from September to October and from March to April. This is explained as follows. In the spring, the body requires recovery after hibernation, and in the fall it is tired of the hot summer. In addition, it is most pleasant to be at some sunny resort at this time of the year, as the number of holidaymakers becomes smaller, calmer around, and in stores and markets they start selling ripe, juicy and vitamin-rich fruits.

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