When does a baby start walking?

Every mother is anxiously waiting for the moment when the baby starts walking. The first steps - a significant event in the life of not only the baby, but the whole family.

The age at which a child takes the first steps may vary. Usually kids start walking at the age of a year, but there are also deviations from the rules. The term from 9 to 16 months is also the norm, so you should not panic if your child has not taken the first steps towards the year. It all depends on individual factors: temperament, muscular strength and balance. Therefore, be patient and watch your baby take its first steps in life.

If a child is a fidget, seeks to cognize the world more quickly, shows independence, then he will start walking before his peers. Calmer and balanced kids prefer to watch more than act. Therefore, they are comfortable sitting, and the desire to walk will appear much later. For a child who has mastered the crawling process well, this may well be enough, and he will not be in a hurry to stand on his feet.

A year has passed, and the child never started walking? Do not panic. This is not a cause for concern. And this in no way speaks of a lag in development. Sometimes children who start to walk faster than others start to express their wishes in words.

How to help take the first steps

Your task at the moment when the child begins to walk is essential help. Do it unobtrusively. Help him overcome difficulties. If the baby fell on the ass - calm him down, but do not rush to help. Give your child the opportunity to learn to walk, climb, descend and be understood independently. And you will see the aspiration of the child to rise on legs, to keep balance, to clutch at support. Your reward will be the first steps. For more information on how to help your child learn to walk, you can learn from this article: “How to teach a child to walk?”.

The child stopped walking

It may happen that after the first steps taken the child stops walking. In this case, your task is to carefully analyze the causes of this phenomenon. Alternatively, the causes can be illness, stress or fright.Little kids are extremely susceptible to stress. Unfavorable conditions in the house may even slow down their development. Here caring attitude, attention and a certain amount of time will help you to normalize your emotional state.

Child does not walk

Your child is already one year old and has no congenital abnormalities, but the baby does not take the first steps. This may include the following reasons:

  • Not properly balanced diet.
  • Genetic predisposition (if the baby's parents began to walk late in childhood, this can be inherited).
  • Fear of negative experiences. Perhaps trying to make the first step, he was badly hurt. This fear further hinders the continuation of attempts to learn to walk.
  • Lack of stimulation from adults.
  • Long-term use of the walker. In their absence, the child is insecure in their abilities.
  • Long stay in the arena.

When to sound the alarm

Your baby is over one and a half years old, and he is not starting to walk yet - this is a reason to contact a qualified specialist. The doctor will be able to find out the causes (it may be muscle tone, problems of the spinal cord or other), as well as help to eliminate them.

It is also possible that the child can, but does not want.He manages to stand on his legs, keep his back straight, but he doesn't have the desire to do it himself. Here is a psychological problem. Calmly wait for the right moment. When a child begins to walk at will, it means that his fear and need overcame his need and interest.

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