What to take to the sea?

Outside the summer, and plans to go to the sea. To make your vacation unforgettable, it is important to properly prepare for it. Therefore, before the trip the question arises, what to take to the sea? First, decide how you are going to get to the place of rest and with whom you eat. If you go to the sea by plane or train, the number of things that you take with you will be significantly limited. A trip by car will allow you to take more and, consequently, feel more comfortable on vacation. Now decide who you are planning to rest on the sea. A trip with a friend suggests completely different fees than a family trip! Secondly, decide how many days you will spend on the coast. This will directly affect the number of things you need to take to rest on the sea.

What you need to take to the sea


Documents - what you need to take to the sea! And it does not matter whether you are going abroad or on the Black Sea coast. It is also recommended to make photocopies of the main documents (passports, for example) and to notarize them. In this case, you will not find yourself in an unpleasant situation if you suddenly lose the originals.


That's what you can not do without, so it's without money! You can take a certain amount in cash and keep the rest on a bank card - more convenient and safer! After all, a purse with money can be stolen, and if a bank card disappears, you can always block it by calling the bank.


The camera is something that will not allow you to forget the joyful moments of rest on the sea! And do not forget the charger and an additional memory card. Who knows, you may want to capture every interesting moment.

Mobile phone

He, too, must be taken with you. And not at all in order to conduct one-hour conversations with the girlfriend remaining in her hometown, but for emergency situations or unforeseen circumstances. And also so that your relatives can always make sure that everything is in order with you.

Clothing, accessories and shoes

This item is at your discretion, and depends on how you answered the questions at the beginning of the article. However, here you can make a "must-have" (mandatory) list of "what to take to the sea":

  • swimsuit / swimming trunks (and better in 2 copies!),
  • sunglasses,
  • lightweight headdress that will protect you from the sun,
  • open and comfortable shoes - for exploring the city and hiking to the beach,
  • light jacket or cardigan - in the evenings it is pretty cool, despite all the heat during the day. Therefore, it is an indispensable thing if you are planning evening walks,
  • going to a bar or club - do not forget the elegant dress (women) and light pants and shirt (men).

All other clothes and shoes should be lightweight and as comfortable as possible. Accessories can take on your taste.

First aid kit

What you need to take to the sea from medicines and first aid? Here is the basic set:

  • headache medicine, for example, paracetamol,
  • pain reliever
  • anti-inflammatory agent
  • ointment or spray for healing burns, cuts,
  • cure for nausea
  • hydrogen peroxide,
  • iodine or brilliant green
  • tablets for solving problems with digestion, for example, mezim (ordinary activated carbon helps well),
  • bandages, cotton wool.

If you have any medical conditions, do not forget to take special medicines!

Hygiene products

First of all, find a suitable sunscreen for you! You plan to spend a lot of time outdoors and near water, so the sun will be especially active.And your skin will need high protection. Secondly, take 2 towels - one for the shower, the other for the beach. Thirdly, collect all those tools that you use regularly (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.). You can't do without them! We also advise you to take care of a protective agent against mosquitoes.

In addition to all the above, you can take, at your discretion, games, air mattress, book. If you can not spend a day without a laptop, then take it. However, remember that it will take a lot of space. In addition, you are going to rest, not to work!

What to take to the sea child

If you eat at sea with a child, then his things need to be collected with special care. Fees depend on the age of the child, but there are things that you need to take to the sea anyway. It:

  • warm clothes,
  • several sets of clothes for everyday wear,
  • bathing suit and beach shoes,
  • Underwear,
  • swimming circle, vest or sleeves. Even if the child already knows how to swim, inflatables will always come in handy.

Everything else depends on the needs of a particular child.

Now that you know what to take to rest on the sea, we wish you a happy holiday and a warm sea!

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