What to see in the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is the country whose architecture captures, the ancient history is amazing, the unusual cuisine excites the appetite, and the friendly people cheer up. Want to know what historical heritage is rich in the Czech Republic? Sights it can not be seen in one trip. So find out what you should pay attention to in the first place, and where you definitely need to go. Knowing all the interesting places in the Czech Republic, you can easily create for yourself a great excursion route and get the most out of your trip.

Castles of the Czech Republic

Speaking about what to look at in the Czech Republic, first of all, pictures of gorgeous nature and majestic ancient castles standing in front of her appear in my head. To visit the Czech Republic and not to see the locks is simply not allowed. Here there are more than 2.5 thousand. Almost in every corner of this mysterious country has its own castle with its interesting history. Currently, many castles offer their visitors to see colorful theatrical performances with knightly tournaments,concerts of ancient music, costumed performances and, of course, with the tasting of the most famous dishes of Czech cuisine.

Czech krumlov

The most famous historical part of South Bohemia is famous for its magnificent ensemble of Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque buildings. Here is located the Českokrumlovsky castle, which includes 40 palace buildings and buildings, 5 courtyards and a stunning garden. This ensemble is included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage.

Lake Lipno

32 kilometers from Krumlov is a landmark opened in 2012. It is located on the top of Kramolin near the lake Lipno. This landmark is a wooden observation tower. Among similar structures, it is unique for its pedestrian zone. This wooden suspended structure gradually rises from the ground up to the very top of the tower. It should be noted that when the wooden observation tower was opened, it immediately gained recognition as the best new Czech landmark.


Deciding what to visit in the Czech Republic, do not forget about Telc - a city on the water. Its second name is Moravian Venice.The layout of this city is due to the presence of a bypass channel and three artificial reservoirs. The historical core of the city is the old fortress, which has preserved its appearance from the Middle Ages to the present day. Gothic castle on the water was founded in the XIII century. However, it acquired its modern look in the 16th century during the restructuring. The main building of the castle is an extraordinary beauty palace with rich interiors: Theater, Blue, Gold and Knight Halls, as well as a treasury, the chapel of all Saints and a graffiti decorated hall for feasts.

Jindrichuv Hradec

In this small town is located the third largest castle complex. It was built on the historical border between Austria, Bohemia and Moravia in the 13th century. The Gothic palace with the most valuable paintings, the former Minorite monastery, as well as the Church of St. John the Baptist with rare frescoes are the main buildings of the complex. In addition, the city of Jindrichuv Hradec is famous for its annual festivals of classical and folk music. It is best to visit Jindrichuv in the spring or autumn period, when all these festivals take place here.You will be able to participate in various competitions, as well as enjoy ethnic Czech cuisine.


What to see in the Czech Republic yet? Of course, the capital of Moravia is Brno. It is the second largest, as well as the largest city in the Czech Republic. Once here, be sure to visit the symbol of this city - the Gothic city of Špilberg. It is his silhouette that is depicted on Czech coins. You also need to take time and inspection of the Moravian Gallery, which is the second largest museum throughout the Czech Republic. This gallery is not for nothing famous for its wealth. It was founded a little more than 50 years ago.

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