What to see in Munich?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
January 12, 2015
What to see in Munich?

Munich is an amazingly beautiful city, which is visited annually by millions of tourists. People come here to see the majestic sights and visit interesting places.

Let's talk about what to see in Munich.

Old Town Hall

The Old Town Hall is one of the most popular attractions. It is decorated in the Gothic style and has a lot of interesting frescoes. It also has a 55-meter tower. Deciding to climb it, you can see the whole of Munich.

Plague pillar

One of the historical sights of Munich is the Plague Column. It is located on the Marienplatz square. At its top is a gilded statue of the Virgin Mary, and its sculptures are surrounded by little boys. They symbolize the overcoming of the mora, war, heresy and famine.

Old Pinakothek

Arriving in Munich, you should definitely visit one of the most famous art galleries in the world, which is called the “Old Pinakothek”.It contains a unique collection of paintings collected by the great Wittelsbach dynasty, who ruled Bavaria for more than 700 years. In the gallery you can see the paintings that were created by artists of the XVIII century. Also in the museum you can see more modern works that have original plots.

English garden

In Munich is located one of the largest parks in the world - the English Garden. It originates in the city center and ends on its outskirts. There are several picturesque lakes in the park, as well as there you can see not only unique trees, flowers and plants, but also a number of attractions, including Monopter and the Chinese Tower. Also in it are beer gardens, where there are places to drink a few circle of foaming drink.


On the Marienplatz square you can see a unique fish fountain, which was built in 1864. Only once it was reconstructed - in 1954 after the Second World War.


A must-see is the Nymphenburg Palace. It was built specifically for the aristocracy of the city, which rested in it.Later this palace was recognized as an architectural monument and it became publicly available. Thanks to this, tourists can personally see the luxurious interior of the palace and the provocative gallery of King Ludwig I.


There is also a zoo in Munich. It is the largest in Europe and is called Hellabrunn. It occupies a park of 39 hectares and is located in the south of Munich. To date, it is home to 15,000 animals. In this zoo you can see giraffes, gorillas, elephants, fur seals, tigers, lions, crocodiles, ostriches, rhinos, penguins and many others.

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