What to do if the mirror is broken?

Mirrors are a thing, indisputable, useful and necessary for every person. It is very inconvenient to comb, apply makeup or shave to the touch. Unfortunately, the mirrors are very fragile and fight quite often, and there will definitely be someone who immediately tells you all the signs associated with a broken mirror. But to tell what to do if the mirror broke, very few people can.

Signs about broken mirrors do not differ in diversity and promise either one misfortune in the near future, or even seven years of failure.

Crashed mirror: action

  • If you do not believe in omens, and from your surroundings no one is disturbed by a broken mirror, then you can simply throw it away and buy a new one. However, you can make it a disco ball, which will please you or find another use to the advantage. A sign works as a psychological attitude, knowing it and its consequences, you yourself will expect misfortunes or misfortunes and unconsciously look for them everywhere. Those who do not believe in omens, live much calmer.
  • Do not look in the broken mirror. According to various sources it will deprive you of youth, beauty or vital energy. In general, nothing good will come of it. Especially scary beliefs promise that a broken mirror will become a door to the other world, dragging your soul there. This does not sound particularly rosy, so follow further advice, "what to do if the mirror is broken."
  • Rinse fragments with running water - according to popular beliefs, water washes away negative energy, so it can clean a broken mirror. So wash the fragments under the faucet. Be careful - the wet fragments of the mirror may slip out, rinse them very carefully to avoid injury. But even after that, it’s better not to hold the pieces in the house.
  • Since the essence of the mirror in its reflective properties, you can cheat and paint over it with black paint, so that these properties are gone. So the universe or otherworldly forces that are responsible for the implementation will not be able to detect a broken mirror, since formally this is not it. Beliefs claim that the shaded mirror does not let out dark energy that could harm you.So, if you have black paint - go ahead, carefully paint the pieces and try not to get hurt.
  • Light a candle where the mirror was broken. According to beliefs, the candle perfectly cleans the space of negative energy, so perhaps it will help in this case.
  • Fragments must be carried away from the house, while it is better to fold them with the reflective side to each other so that the matt back surface remains outside. Wrap the shards in a cloth, preferably dark, tie several knots, and bring it out. It is believed that it is better to bury them, but watch out for the situation, if, having cut yourself, you go with a bloody hands to bury a dark bundle on the street, you can think about a lot of interesting things.
  • Replace the mirror with a new one - hang it in the same place, or buy a new powder box if it was a compact mirror. Buy it yourself and treat it carefully.
  • And finally, for everyone: those who believe in omens and those who consider them to be nonsense - vacuum and wipe everything with a damp cloth so that small fragments do not cut or fall into the eyes of anyone. Glass dust is almost not noticeable, but it is dangerous, it can be accidentally inhaled or earned a splinter. Take extra care if there are animals and / or children in the house.

So, what to do if the mirror is broken: do not panic, thinking about all the misfortunes that you have brought upon yourself. Be careful and attentive - do not look into it, carefully pick up the fragments, wrap them in cloth, take them out of the house, carefully clean the room where the mirror has broken and replace it with a new one.

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