What to do if the account is blocked?

More than a million Russians have an account in the well-known social network Facebook. When you try to enter your page, they may suddenly see a notification that it is blocked. This problem can occur in almost any social network, but it is worth noting that there it is solved much easier than on Facebook. So let's try to consider how to unlock Facebook.

The only way

The first thing that needs to be done is to create an additional account in another Friendfeed social network. Of course, this is not necessary, but the recovery process will be much faster. So, before you restore your Facebook account, the system will prompt you to go through five steps. Be sure to also see the inscription that the test will take no more than five minutes. However, this is not worth believing, since a standard account recovery takes at least an hour. After you overcome these five obstacles, you will only need to enter the captcha.

Now, in order to confirm the ownership of the page for you, you need to identify friends by the pictures. It is also worth noting that it is possible to make only two mistakes in this process, but in no case more. If you incorrectly specify the names of friends for the third time, you can start the whole procedure over. This method of restoring a page is not so simple, since you will have to remember the name of all your friends. This is where the Freelandfield registration will help you. This social network duplicates all your Facebook friends. We will only need to manually drive in the names and surnames of friends under the corresponding picture. A significant disadvantage of this data entry method is that the system is not configured to inform you about the correctness of each entered first and last name. You can learn about this only after the end of this procedure. That is why, passing this procedure, you must be extremely careful and attentive. If instead of a photo of your friend you see his cat or a misunderstood picture at all, try to guess more carefully who it could be.Also, a group photo posted on the avatar can also cause a problem, since you have to wonder for a long time which of these people is the owner of the page. If you don’t manage to guess all your friends, don’t waste a lot of time on this, it’s better to try to guess the others several times, and the remaining unknown person may turn out to be that “unidentified” friend. Thus, it will be possible to slowly unlock Facebook.

Do I need to recover

Thus, experts who have gone through this procedure more than once are advised to be patient and try several times until the page is completely unlocked. A feature of the social network Facebook is that creating a new page is much easier than restoring the old one. After you create a new account, with the help of an ordinary search you can find the same friends and add them. This option is much easier and more mobile, which is why a huge number of people after registration after a while throw their pages. But if you are a diligent and patient person, then feel free to start following the instructions to restore your account.

Thus, we see that today in the world network of Zuckerberg there is a significant drawback, which is expressed in the fact that the account can be blocked. What to do in this case, you will be prompted by the system itself, since immediately after you enter the email address, you will be offered several actions to choose from.

Social networking today is becoming much more popular than meeting in reality. Do not let the car take over your real feelings and emotions, because real life is much more interesting!

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