Choosing a new car is a serious task, especially when it comes to a brand like Volvo.

The Scandinavian developer has made his cars even safer, the device is auto teeming with electronic devices.
At any time, Volvo cars are ready to track pedestrians and in case something happens to start emergency braking, the cameras track the direction of movement relative to the marking.
Let's return to the problems of choice. Often on the scales put the brand model S60 and S80, it is not surprising. Despite the similarity of these two cars, they are representatives of different “social layers”, it is perfectly visible, different models are unique in their own way. Let's compare!
The appearance of the Volvo S80 marked a new era, it became clear the expression "Volvo is Volvo." The embodiment of bold demands in one car. The lines of the body, the "look" of headlights design, head light and the comfort of the interior - this is so eye-catching. Convenient and powerful car. Comfort at a high level, it should be noted that in the back seat of the car without any problems fit three adults without any discomfort. A long trip is no longer a problem if you have an S80.Roomy luggage compartment will accommodate things for a good rest. About this car can be read on the website
Let's talk about the S60. He was nicknamed the little S80. The appearance of the "sixties" is quite original. Exterior speaks about the rapid temper. The S60 is designed using the same technology as the S80, but it is noticeably smaller, considering the class, the size is quite impressive. The size naturally influenced the weight, it installed the same engine as the "eightieth", but it works a little more economically and productively. The average fuel consumption in the combined cycle does not exceed 7 liters per 100 km (for reference, the S80's consumption is about 9.8 liters per 100 km, with automatic transmission - 14.5 liters). The size of the car influenced convenience. The internal devices of the S60 and S80 models are similar: a steering wheel with 3 spokes, the same dashboard, the same console and more. Only inside the S80 is spacious, which cannot be said about the Volvo S60. In front, a lot of places, significantly less behind. More information about the car can be found on the link - Volvo Car Koptevo.
You can search for differences in these two models for as long as you like, you will certainly find 10 pieces. To summarize, it should be noted that the S80 is roomy, prestigious, outwardly more expensive.Having bought a Volvo S60, a motorist gets a comfortable middle-class car with the same filling as in a more prestigious version, but faster and somewhat cheaper. Machines are similar, but not the same. What you choose is up to you.

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