What to bring?

I'm going to go for a couple of days to a friend in Kiev. What from there can you bring something interesting to yourself and your family?
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Answered on March 2 13:36
Standard - magnets with views of the city. They are full in the center of the city, selling souvenirs at every turn. If you have a program of visiting museums or exhibitions, something is also for sale there.
Answered on March 2 13:42
Be sure to bring the Kiev cake and not one! But it is for the body and quickly eaten. And for the soul and for many years - visit St. Andrew’s Descent. There you can find jewelry, dishes and clothing.
Answered on March 2 13:52
Magnets are too trivial. And they are lost. I do not like when they give me. Consider painting better - for many years it will warm memories. You can buy paintings with urban landscapes, for example, in the online store :. So as not to waste time traveling to the shops - you can choose directly on the site.

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