What is volume?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
March 18, 2015
What is volume?

Volume is one of the characteristics of a geometric body. It is in this sense that we use this word when we are talking about the capacity or capacity of something. However, this word has other meanings.

Let's see what is the volume in the usual sense for us and in other values.

Volume as a geometric quantity

From a geometrical point of view, volume is the capacity of a portion of space bounded in length, width, and height. That is, it is one of the characteristics of the body. It is the volume that distinguishes the geometric body from the geometric figure. All three-dimensional objects have volume, whether it is a teacup or a celestial body.

Volume is measured in cubic units. The system units for measuring volume are cubic meter (cubic meter), cubic centimeter, and also liter (cubic decimeter), and so on, according to the metric system.

The generally accepted non-system units for measuring volume are barrel and gallon. There are also national units of measurement of volume (as a rule, volume of liquid). For example, English pint or Russian shtof.

Other meanings

What does volume mean in other meanings of this word?

The concept of "volume" is widely used in the visual arts. This is the name of the spatial characteristic of the depicted object. That is, the illusory transfer of these characteristics by artistic methods.

There is a word "volume" and a figurative meaning. Volume is the total amount of something abstract or concrete or some kind of current value. For example, you can say about the amount of memory (human or computer) or the amount of demand.

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