What is useful meat?

The dispute of meat eaters and vegetarians is not one hundred years old! "Predators" love the unique taste of freshly roasted steak, and "herbivores" can never understand them! And each side is completely sure of its rightness. But we will not try to resolve this very difficult solvable dispute. And let's try to find out if meat is good and worth eating it often?

Useful properties of meat

Our body is a complex system capable of producing many useful substances on its own. However, he cannot synthesize something, for example, amino acids. Eating meat gives us those same amino acids. And this is the first positive feature of this product.

Indispensable for humans and proteins, and their content in meat is very high. Proteins - the main building material for muscle cells, it is involved in the formation of various enzymes and hormones of the body. Without animal proteins, according to many experts, the body can not function fully.

Meat contains large amounts of iron. And iron is actively involved in the formation of red blood cells.And they are involved in all processes in the human body, including: they remove carbon dioxide, feed cells and ions and enzymes. Our immunity directly depends on iron, with its help immune cells are formed.

In meat there are a lot of vitamins we need: folic acid (especially useful for pregnant women), B vitamins (for good performance and healthy sleep), niacin or vitamin PP (for healthy skin and normal metabolism).

What meat is healthier

Let's try to figure out what is useful meat, what meat is most useful and least of all harm our body.

  • Rabbit meat It is considered the most dietary type of meat. It is more saturated with protein than others - about 22% and low in fat - about 14%. This meat almost does not cause allergies, and it is very important for the nutrition of young children. Gain extra pounds of rabbit meat is very problematic, but in terms of the content of beneficial vitamins and protein, it is simply indispensable!
  • Poultry meat If you try to make a peculiar rating of the usefulness of meat, then the bird (turkey, chicken) will take the second place on the podium. Close to them can get horse meat and venison.This meat is also rich in protein (20%) and fat content is low (from 9 to 19%). Of course, there may be contradictions of an ethical or religious nature. Not everyone will calmly eat horse or deer meat. But this is a matter of personal choice.
  • Veal and beef. Definitely say that this meat is very useful impossible. It also contains beneficial protein and trace elements, but many experts, especially recently, accuse it of containing “bad” cholesterol. This does not mean that you should immediately and forever deny yourself the pleasure of eating a well-toasted piece of beef, but you should not get involved in these meat.
  • Pork. This meat did not ascend to the podium at all and lags in the tail of the rating. It contains a lot of fat. Almost 70%. Together with him completes the list and lamb with the same indicator of fat content. Such meat is better to boil or simmer to reduce the harmful effects.

Even if you can not live without meat, remember that you will not be full of meat! In the diet must be products that have fiber. After all, it is not in the meat at all. Cook rice, buckwheat, pasta. Eat as much fresh vegetables and greens as possible with the meat.This will help balance the food. Eat meat with pleasure, but do not forget to know the measure and enjoy your meal!

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