What is the psyche?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
February 2, 2015
What is the psyche?

The psyche is a complex term used in psychology, philosophy, and medicine. There are a number of definitions of this word, and this suggests that even to scientists it is difficult to say what the psyche is, definitely and unequivocally.

Below we will talk about the forms of mental reflections of the individual, mental processes and states.

Mind Reflects Personality

All definitions of the psyche are somehow connected with the inner world of a person and his attitude to the external environment. Perhaps the most successful, simple and understandable definition of this complex term is the following:

  • The psyche is the subjective inner world of an individual, which is determined by its interaction with the outside world.

It is believed that the psyche is inherent not only to people, but also animals and birds. The psyche is a certain stage of evolution. The presence of the psyche in more simple organisms is debatable, although the opposite has not been proven.

Forms of mental reflection

The following forms of mental reflection are distinguished:

  • sensory;
  • perceptual;
  • intellectual.

The sensory form determines the individual's response to biological stimuli, perceptual is the ability to determine the response already to the complex of stimuli. The intellectual form involves not only determining the response to stimuli, but also capturing the functional relationships and connections between them.

Mental processes and conditions

Mental processes are all sorts of sensations and perceptions - memory, emotions, attention, etc. Mental processes determine the mental state of a person. Mental conditions include a feeling of happiness or, on the contrary, anxiety or stress, an inspired mood or a breakdown against the background of self-doubt.

The psyche, as you see, consists of a wide range of shades, and therefore each personality is individual and unique. This is why it is not surprising that often one individual cannot understand the other. The complexity of understanding is also due to the fact that one individual can demonstrate different patterns of behavior, and all because the psyche is determined not only by the inner world of the personality, but also by the environment.

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