What is tact? Meaning of the word

We often encounter tactlessness in life. This is a manifestation of disrespect and selfishness to others. She is able to knock anyone out of a rut and spoil the mood for the whole day, so it is very important to observe a middle ground that will not allow you to go beyond the bounds of decency.

what is tact

What is tact, definition

This is a fundamental positive quality of a person, characterizing him as a person, educated, sensitive to the borderline of delicacy in communication and interpersonal relations, in the case of the intersection of which the opponent has an insult.

There is such a thing as a sense of tact, and so from Latin taktus it is translated as "touch", "touch", in other words, a sense of proportion. Therefore, what is tact? This cultural behavior is in accordance with established rules of etiquette, but it is not easy to follow them, and to be able to feel and understand the opponent in order to prevent mutual unpleasant situations.

tact examples

Give examples of tact

  1. A person possessing this quality will never boast and stick out his own superiority.
  2. He will not impose his opinion on his opponent.
  3. His speech is clear, does not contain words-parasites and unflattering statements.
  4. A tactful person will not sort things out in the presence of strangers.
  5. He does not read other people's letters and messages on social networks, does not eavesdrop on conversations. Kohl inadvertently happened to witness someone else's secrets, remains silent.
  6. Such a person will never broadcast about his personal relationships, and even more so about others.
  7. Under no circumstances will he touch upon a topic that is capable of disturbing or disclosing the emotional wounds of the interlocutor.
  8. In dealing with people with physical or mental disabilities, he will never make a deliberate accent on this.
  9. The tactful person shows tolerance for others weaknesses and shortcomings.
  10. Never put such a person an opponent in an awkward situation, noticing his mistake.

Qualities that determine tact

It is not enough to be polite and know etiquette, you need to be able to hear and feel, understand the emotions of the interlocutor.

meaning of tactThe fundamental characteristics of this term include:

  1. Show respect for others. This is the ability to assess the merits of others, without appropriating them to yourself.
  2. A sense of proportion, the ability to avoid extremes. There should be a mind and wisdom, so as not to offend your opponent.
  3. Goodwill and attentiveness to the opponent, as well as a manifestation of interest in life and the inner emotional state of others. This should be genuine.
  4. Ethics presuppose knowledge and skills that help to keep oneself in the community, according to the generally established rules.
  5. Thanks. You need to remain human and be able to honor what your opponent gives, while behaving accordingly.
  6. Diplomacy is determined by a certain arsenal of qualities that help in the conduct of free dialogue to adequately present themselves and achieve their goals, while not violating the rules of etiquette.
  7. Self-control is the ability to cope with yourself, to keep your emotions under control, to work with consciousness.

Analyzing the meaning of the word "tact", it is necessary to point out that the observance of the rules of etiquette does not mean that this quality is inherent in a person, because in the soul he can remain rude, arrogant, not respecting people.It is clear that such a person will be distinguished by his insincerity and fake, although in appearance he will be a tactful person.

What is tact? This is a plus to everything else and a natural inner sense in conjunction with a decent upbringing, knowledge and, most importantly, with respect for people.

A sincere, sincere person who is capable of caring for the inner emotional state of the people around him may have tactfulness.

We have revealed the essence of the term "tact", the meaning of the word has become clear. This quality needs to be developed, because it plays a very important role in the life of everyone.

How to develop tact?

A person possessing this excellent quality is comfortable in any company and society. Because he will never get stuck in someone else's conversation, he will not openly consider his opponent with an arrogant appraising glance, will not let go of a tactless joke, will not overwhelm with advice that is not asked, will not be publicly criticized, simply will not offend and derail.

What is tact? This is a manifestation of a subtle sense of delicacy in tandem with upbringing and an inner voice.You can learn this, you just need to work hard and daily to improve yourself.

Everything is much simpler than it seems; you just need to treat others as you would like to be treated. It is necessary to try on your own incorrect jokes to feel the state of your opponent. Most likely, that is not to your liking, does not have to soul and another person. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to empathize and understand the interlocutor.

tact value

Recommendations for developing a sense of tact

  1. Watch out for others, their relationships. This will help to become perceptive and more sensitive to the emotional state of others.
  2. Find a role model in your environment and try to develop the missing qualities. For example, kindness, attentiveness, the ability to listen and not interrupt others.
  3. Study the psychology of the personality, it will also help in finding an approach to the opponent. It will become clear how to properly build your communication and relationships with others, so as not to hurt anyone and not to offend.
  4. Work on your facial expressions and gestures. Try not to show aggression and intolerance in gestures.It is necessary to carefully listen to your opponent, not looking aside, without making a boring indifferent look.
  5. It is necessary to control the spoken words. A seemingly simple joke for you can hurt your interlocutor deeply.
  6. It is necessary to know etiquette, it is impossible to do without it. This modesty, and the rules of behavior in society, the manner of conversation.
  7. You need to constantly think about others. That is, do not brag about your achievements to less successful people, if a person is bad or sad next to you, offer your help. You can not remain indifferent to others, thinking only about their own good.

We figured out what tact is. Is it worth developing it in children? Of course, yes, because, as they say, "you will reap what you sow."

what is tact determination

How to cultivate tact in a child

  1. There are cases when a child in kindergarten tells tutors what is happening in his family. That is why parents should designate what cannot be told to strangers. And fix the result. You can play spies, who must keep a secret and under no circumstances give it away.
  2. Simulate provocative situations and immediately stop the child by whispering a reminder about the game in your ear. But do not forget to praise if he can keep a secret.
  3. Explain to the child that you need to treat others with respect and kindness.

A sense of tact can be developed, the main thing is to learn to respect others, be attentive and observe etiquette. Spiritual growth remains important, it is he who will allow to receive a deep sincere sense of tact.

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