What is stability?

December 19, 2014
What is stability?

One should refer to the definitions of this term in order to understand what stability is. They will vary slightly depending on the area in which the term is used.

Stability is ...

In its most general form, stability means the ability of a system to function in such a way that its structure does not change. That is, the system must be in equilibrium.

Most often, this definition is used in the context of physical processes and systems. For example, frequency stability is a characteristic of the auto-oscillator, which shows the frequency deviation of the generator from the initial value. You can also give an example concerning explosives. In this case, stability is also a characteristic that measures the ability of physical, chemical, and explosive substances to retain properties for some time.

In the ordinary sense, stability most often implies the sustainability of a social system, group, or any scenario.For example, it is important today to talk about the stability of the financial market or other socially significant institutions. You can also characterize the position of an individual as stable or unstable. And most often it will be associated with its financial position.

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