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In each city there are places that allow residents to escape from the hustle and bustle of the greenery. These are squares, parks, boulevards. Cozy benches and paths are laid out in such recreation areas. The district administration is responsible for the improvement of public gardens. Maintaining the proper appearance of the park area is not easy, because most of the area is made up of lawns. What is a city square? How is it different from the park?

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Meaning of the word

"Square" - borrowing from the English language. Translated into Russian means "area". If the noun "park" can pick up a few related words, then with the "square" is unlikely to succeed. The primordially Russian adjective "nasty", of course, has nothing to do with the name of a small park zone, which is described in today's article.

London squares

Small landscaped and landscaped areas are most often found in London. This is not by chance. After all, as already mentioned, square is a word of English origin. For several centuries England has been famous for its mighty century-old trees growing on special small squares.

The first squares appeared in the days of kings and dukes. A typical London square is a territory with well-kept lawns and a small number of trees. There are so many of them in the English capital that almost every one of them is within walking distance from a large office center. Squares are visited not only by mothers with children, but also by employees of the same offices during a working break.

landscaped and landscaped area


At the end of the 19th century, not far from the Delegatskaya, Durov and Samotechnaya streets, a square was created, which later became known as Ekaterininsky. Near was once Suvorov Square. Originally it was also named after the great empress. In the Russian capital there are more parks than public gardens. This is due to the architectural features of the city.

In creating projects for the improvement of the capital, the architects of the 18th and 19th centuries did not adhere to the principles of simplicity and moderation. In addition, it should be said that, unlike English squares, Moscow did not always have been in excellent condition. So, in the nineties of the last century, many park areas in the capital and other cities of the country were quite neglected.

Among the famous landscaped areas in Moscow, those that by the main features can be attributed to the squares, a lot. But not all of their names conclude this foreign word. Square is a landscaped area, the area of ​​which is no more than 2 hectares. Let us recall, for example, the Patriarch's Ponds - the meeting place of famous artistic characters. Most of this zone is occupied by the reservoir. Here are paved paths, benches installed. The area, however, is just over 2 hectares. Nevertheless, it is more a square than a park.

city ​​square


One of the natural attractions of the French capital is Rene Viviani. This is a public garden, opened in the 20s of the last century. The layout of this park area is quite complicated. Square has the shape of a polygon, and wrong. From here there is a superb view of the most famous French capital - Notre Dame Cathedral.

Park and Square: the differences

These concepts are often confused. However, to call a small park square, is not a blunder. Both in the first and in the second case we are talking about a green area, intended for the rest of the townspeople. The word "park" also came to Russian from a foreign language.In Latin, there is a noun that long ago migrated to all European languages. Perhaps 200-300 years ago, it had a slightly different meaning.

landscaping square

The park is a rather extensive territory. Its area can be up to 10 hectares. This is the main difference. And again, the park is not always called a park. Square - not always square. So, Alexander Garden, located near the Red Square, is actually a park. Its area is 10 hectares. This is a full-fledged architectural ensemble, which includes flowerbeds, ponds, alleys, and benches.

Squares do not differ from each other in purpose. In any case, this is a small area, usually located near historical sites. But sometimes there are squares in residential areas. As for the parks, there is some classification. In each city, for example, there is a vast territory with attractions and other entertainment. Square is designed for a more relaxing holiday.

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