What is opera?

Alla Miroshnik
Alla Miroshnik
January 14, 2013
What is opera?

Originally, the word "opera" was used to name the genre in theatrical art. This word has Latin roots, in translation it means "work", "work", "product". What is opera today? At the moment, the opera means several concepts in such areas of human activity as the Internet technology, science and art.

Opera in art

Opera is one of the genres of dramatic-theatrical art, the content of which is transmitted to the viewer through vocal singing and other means of musical drama. At the moment, there are several types of opera, including ballad opera and opera ballet, semi-comic and romantic opera.

Opera is the name of the building where opera performances take place.

Opera in science and geography

There are several other meanings of the word "opera". Opera is one of the experiments in physics with respect to elementary particles.

Opera is the name of two metro stations in Europe. One of them is located in Paris, the second - in Budapest.One of the mountain peaks in Svalbard is called "Opera". The same name has a commune on the outskirts of Milan.

Opera in Internet technologies

Most likely, you know what Opera browser is. It was created in 1994 by a group of Norwegian programmers who used the C ++ platform for creation. Opera Browser is a high-speed technology with great potential. Opera is constantly being improved and updated. To date, the 12th version of the browser has been released. It is used on mobile devices, but only in the Opera Mini version.

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