What is lived?

June 13, 2014
What is lived?

A vein is a word with a high degree of lexical homonymy, it has several meanings. What is lived? Consider a few definitions.

Anatomical definition

The vein in anatomy is a synonym for the tendon, the connective tissue in the human body, with which the striated muscles are attached to the bones of the skeleton. The tendons are composed of parallel collagen fibers, which are very strong and elastic. Of the same fibers are cartilage, dermis and bones. The veins of animals are so strong that they make bowstrings from them.

Geological definition

A vein in geology is education by filling a cavity (crack) with minerals or rock. The form distinguishes simple slab-shaped veins and complex:

  • stepped;
  • mesh;
  • branchy;
  • lenticular;
  • chamber and others

A vein is formed when a fracture in a homogeneous rock (for example, in a mountain) is filled by a different rock or mineral. The best example is the gold mine. Many deposits of rocks and ore raw materials are formed by geological veins.Recently, deposits of rocks are often called dykes.

Electrical Definition

A conductor in electrical engineering is a wire used to connect an electrical device to an electrical network or transmit information. As a rule, one end of the core is soldered to the device. The smallest veins are also called contacts.

There are several types of veins:

  • conductive;
  • grounding;
  • sealed;
  • isolated;
  • cryoprotective;
  • superconducting;
  • wicker;
  • tinsel and others

All types of veins are regulated by the corresponding GOST. The best conductors are copper conductors made from twisted copper wires.

Slang definition

In the lingo, residential is usually called a greedy or miserly person. The word "vein" is used as a synonym for greedy. From this word came another - "to heal", which means to appropriate what is not owned by oneself or not to repay a debt.

Other values

Also, in addition to these meanings, this word had others. For example, the strip on a stone or a tree, a protruding blood vessel (by analogy with stripes on a stone), as well as positive, strong character traits and abilities (for example, in modern times - the “entrepreneurial streak”) have long been called a streak.

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