What is incest?

Julia Bukatova
Julia Bukatova
May 7, 2015
What is incest?

Most people have heard the word incest in their lives, for example, on television. And for sure, many may say that incest is bad. We will tell you what incest is and what its consequences are.

What does the word "incest" mean

The term "incest" in translation from Latin means "sinful, criminal." Incest (or incest) is the sexual relationship of two close relatives. How close relatives should be, so that the connection between them is perceived as incest, is considered differently in each culture, but this link is almost always forbidden. In addition, the term "incest" is found in animal husbandry and means the interbreeding of individuals who are directly related to each other.

The genetic consequences of incest are likely to be serious genetic defects and diseases in children whose parents were participants in incest. This is due to the fact that incest increases the likelihood of meeting pathological genes.So, if both parents have a mutated gene in their blood, then the likelihood that they will pass it on to their child increases to almost 100%.

As mentioned above, the legislation of most countries of the world prohibits incerest communications. Marriage between close relatives is prohibited and condemned by other members of society. If incest occurs between parents and minor children, then such a connection is punishable criminally.

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