What is identity?

Anna Bazarova
Anna Bazarova
March 25, 2015
What is identity?

The word identity comes from the Latin identitas, which translates as identical, equivalent, equivalent. Let's see what identity is in a broader sense.

Identity is ...

Identity is primarily called the property of the human psyche in a fairly concentrated form to express how a person represents his correlation with other social, linguistic, political, racial and other communities. Identity is also understood as identifying oneself with any person who is the embodiment of features and characteristics inherent to a particular group or community.

The term is widely used in the field of psychology. Here there are two basic notions related to equivalence:

  • Ego-identity is the integrity of a person’s personality, the continuity of our own “I” despite the evolution and variability occurring in the process of our growth and development throughout life.
  • Identity crisis - the disappearance or a strong decline in the integrity of a person’s personality.

The term identity is also associated with an ethnos. Ethnic identity consists of a set of automatisms of human behavior, coupled with speech signs and gestures. Such an identity develops in the early stages of socialization of the individual. Issues of ethnic identity are attracting increasing attention of scientists in our day in connection with the growing strength of the various world ethnic groups.

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