What is hallelujah? Meaning and origin of the word

The hallelujah is voiced by many of us, often without thinking about what it really means. This word is used in cases when it is possible to solve any problems, avoid danger or overcome difficulties. It denotes praise to the Lord for the fact that everything is successfully completed.what is hallelujahAnd not only believers exclaim it. Often it also comes from the lips of people far from religion. So what is “hallelujah”?

What does the word "hallelujah" mean

This word came to us from Aramaic. As well as the word "Amen", it remains untranslated. According to the Hebrew interpretation of this word, it consists of two components: “halleluj” and “I”. The literal translation of the word "halleluj" is "praise." The second word means "Yahweh", which means "God." Thus, “hallelujah” in Russian means “praise God.”hallelujah in russianWith this word some psalms begin and are concluded.Hallelujah is found in the New Testament, for example, in the Apocalypse. Here this exclamation becomes a heavenly song that predicts the completion of earthly history.

This term is also used in such meanings: “thanks be to God,” “great is our God,” and others that are similar in meaning. All these meanings express gratitude to the Lord, recognition of his greatness, and the joy of salvation.

What is “hallelujah” in Christian worship

In Christian worship this term entered a very long time. In praises of the Holy Trinity, this word sounds three times. This is due to the fact that all persons of the Holy Trinity are treated this way. The hallelujah exclamation during service sounds at certain moments. For example, before reading the Gospel, at the Small Entrance and without fail after communion. If you take the Hebrew manuscripts of the Bible, then this word occurs there about twenty-four times.

What does "hallelujah" mean in the church service?what does hallelujah meanPreviously, it was a call to prayers from the direction of the service for the response word. After some time, this term became an independent exclamation. It is in this quality that “hallelujah” is used in Christian worship.

The reason for splitting the church is due to the use of the word

In the Orthodox Church until the 15th century, this word was sung without thinking about what it means. What is “hallelujah” for all remained a mystery. Once the metropolitan sent a charter letter. The question was how many times it was supposed to sing "hallelujah", namely - once or three times. In 1954, Efrosin of Pskov moved to Constantinople in order to learn what this word means and how many times it is necessary to sing it. Upon arrival, he stated that he had received a response from the Most Holy Theotokos. According to him, the word had to be pronounced once.

In 1551, "Hallelujah" was introduced into singing in the amount of two times. And in the XVII century, the number of pronunciation of this word increased to three. In all the Greek temples they sang precisely the dear (triple) “hallelujah”. A patriarch from Russia named Nikon did not want to keep up with innovations. He picked up this tradition.

In 1656, Old Believers appeared in Russia, who did not accept the tradition introduced by the patriarch. Along with the triple "hallelujah," they also considered baptism with three fingers as the wrong action.

In 1666, the Great Moscow Cathedral was held.After this event, the special “hallelujah” was finally abolished.

Prayer and praise of God

What does "hallelujah" mean in Christianity? With the praise of God, the daily prayer of every believer should begin and end. By praising God, we offer him gratitude for the gift of faith, as well as for the important promise of forgiveness for all our sins. Exclaiming this word, we testify to our confidence that God is always with us. He leads us in his own ways, and we are grateful for everything.what does the word hallelujah meanAny believer should understand what "hallelujah" means. This word is a symbol of eternal love and hope. It is pronounced when they want to express their gratitude to the Lord for the promise of eternal life. Death itself is not terrible to a true believing Christian, for it only brings us closer to a meeting with God himself.

"Hallelujah" of love

More than thirty years ago a song with such a name appeared, which became a real hymn of love. In those days, when religion was banned, temples were closed, and any mention of God was punished, the cult opera “Juno and Avos”, in which this song is played, powerfully stirred up the minds of the inhabitants.This opera narrates about the love relationship of a handsome Russian nobleman and the daughter of the commandant Conchita. The main thread through the whole work is the thought that the true love that broke out between the main characters of the opera is under the protection of the Virgin Mary herself.what does hallelujah mean in Christianity


What is “hallelujah” for the believer? The inexhaustible power that is contained in this short cry excites all the joy and hope of a person to get into the kingdom of heaven and get closer to our Father in heaven. Throughout all Scripture, this word passes through a golden thread, being a confirmation of faith in the greatness of the Most Holy Trinity. Some theologians are certain that the Lord himself ordered to leave two words without translation: "Amen" and "Hallelujah." This was done in order to emphasize their divine nature and to encourage people to think more often about the meaning of these great words. Giving praise to God, we thereby recognize his power over ourselves and express the hope that the Lord will never forsake us, but will remain with us forever. God hears everyone, so everyone has a chance for salvation.

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