What is good "Niva"?

Ivan Kochura
Ivan Kochura
March 28, 2013
What is good "Niva"?

From cars, we sometimes demand almost impossible things. We, for example, want the car to cope perfectly with all the irregularities of the road surface, so that it can also get out of the hard sections and pass them. With such problems can cope car "Niva". So, how good is the "Niva"?

Advantages of "Niva"

A lot of talk arises about this, "Niva" is sent to the varying complexity of the test and it can be said, it shows itself very well. This beast can be called an excellent SUV. No wonder that the “Niva” was taken as the basis for creating its symbiosis with Chevrolet. Let's talk about the benefits.

  • The main advantage of "Niva" - all-wheel drive car. This has introduced a transfer case machine into the transmission, which provides full communication between the engine and the wheels. The presence of three differentials makes the “Niva” just a monster of roads. The car is able to break out of a rather deep rut, and even if the rear wheel, for example, is stalled, it can reach itself with the front wheels.The additional box does not turn on and off the additional drive, as many believe, but only controls the differential.
  • Four-wheel drive on the "Niva" always works, and the inclusion of various modes of hand-outs and differential helps to cope with any conditions of the road surface. Also, with the experienced use of the transmission, the car quickly accelerates, which also highlights the Niva.
  • With regard to external data, the "Niva" is very roomy in the cabin and in the trunk, as well as under the hood. Another car has a pretty good design. This so-called "jeep". Very practical and convenient.

If someone needs a car that will drive on heavy road sections, for example, in rural areas, forest areas, sand coverings, and so on, then the Niva is the best car for that. This car is ideal for the so-called "safari" or hunting. Within the city limits, such a car is not at all necessary, however, if driving goes outside the city, on difficult sections of the road, the use of the Niva will significantly reduce the number of problems that may arise on other cars.

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