What is fantasy?

February 9, 2015
What is fantasy?

The concept of "fantasy" comes from the Greek "imagination", which certainly, though not fully, determines the meaning of this word. That is, this is a situation that does not correspond to the generally accepted reality, but expressing the possible desires of an individual or a group of people. Fantasy is a stream of thought that embodies in the course of improvisation fictional things, objects, phenomena and events.


What is fantasy? This is a person's ability to improvise on the “free theme”. To fantasize - to be able to represent, compose, imagine something. However, not everything is as simple as it seems. Some modern scientists say that a person can fantasize and invent only by folding in his brain parts of what is already known, ever seen, heard or read. Thus, the act of inventing and fantasizing is reduced to a successful comparison of the previously known.

Creativity and fantasy

Of course, for any creativity imagination - a necessary condition. Construction of the image, selection of colors, dressing the work in the original form.Fantasy is a game of mind and the embodiment of feelings. Everyone who is related to the creative perception of the world is inclined to dream: be it an artist, a scientist or a philosopher. For many people, fantasy is also a look into the future. For example, science-fiction writers previously created reality, the embodiment of which we are seeing now. And for contemporaries it was only a fantasy of the master's pen.

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