What is DC?

Victoria Mirontsova
Victoria Mirontsova
March 21, 2013
What is DC?

Direct Connect (DC) is a file sharing network. One of the most popular p2p networks in the world. Peer-to-peer (p2p) - exchange between network users. Unites a huge number of users and hubs. The hub is a dc ++ server that allows users to communicate and searches for files.

File sharing

So what is dc? This is a great opportunity to exchange information without the server. In order for users to share files with each other, they must install a special client program on their computer. On the network, you can find a fairly large number of clients on the network that will allow you to connect to the hub. Their main differences are in functionality and performance. Some popular clients: AvaLink DC ++, FlyLink DC ++, Apex DC ++.

To understand what dc is, you need to figure out what the hub is for, and what its role is in file sharing. The client program connects to the DC hub. The hub is not involved in the transfer of files. He deals only with their search. Users search for files on the network, download them from each other, but without the participation of a hub.If the network connection between users is disabled, file transfer is not possible.

The DC ++ protocol does not allow other users to upload files to a computer, and also does not allow the deletion of information from other users' computers. To allow other users to download files that are on your computer, you need to specify the files that you allow to download.

Dc value and its features

Let's see what dc means? The features of the dc-network is the fact that the search for files occurs on the computers of all participants in this project. If the connection was interrupted, then there is the possibility of resuming files. If the source was disabled, the file can be downloaded from other computers. Supports automatic search for the source to download the required file. The source uses the download speed, from which it is maximum, it is possible to simultaneously download a file from different people. This exchange of information is faster than using FTP. The advantages of the dc-network can also include the presence of a chat.

Advantages of dc network

Thus, from all of the above, it becomes clear what dc means. Its advantages in comparison with other ways of exchanging information include:

  • possibility of parallel download,
  • downloading takes place without creating torrent files,
  • the ability to download entire directories at once.

In addition, the search for files occurs not only by name, but also by size, type and other characteristics. It is possible to get a list of user files in a tree structure.

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