What is curb?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
December 19, 2014
What is curb?

Most of us answer the question “What is a curb” in the same way - this is a special element playing the role of a separator between the roadway and the pedestrian section.

Yes, this is the right answer, but not complete, because the curb is also a special type of brickwork, which is distinguished by ornamentation. This style of laying was very popular in pre-revolutionary Russia, especially in Pskov and Nizhny Novgorod. However, today this style of laying, and accordingly, this meaning of the term is extremely rare.

Curb or curb?

In essence, these two words - the curb and the curb - denote the same thing, but for some reason most of the inhabitants of Russia call the border a pedestrian and carriageway border, but for some reason the residents of the cultural capital - the city of St. Petersburg its only curb.

Curb in literature

In addition, the word "curb" is often used by representatives of the literary circle, for example, in one of the publications of the famous satirist and writer Mikhail Zadornov, you can meet the ironic phrase: "There,where the curb goes into the curb, "and it implies a territorial transition from Leningrad to Moscow Oblast.

An even deeper phrase can be found in the novel by Olga Lucas "Curb of Curb Stone", which reflects the whole essence of the confrontation between the residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg: "Do not touch my curb with your curb."

This confrontation is rather strange, but very funny and colorful, because it is hardly possible for any foreigner to translate the phrase: "Do not touch my curb with your curb."

Where else is the curb?

Of course, the word "curb" is used not only in St. Petersburg, very often it can be heard from the mouth of a resident of Yekaterinburg, Vologda and Belarus. However, the “curb” today is still a kind of trademark of the St. Petersburger on a par with the “front door” instead of the “porch” and the “roll” instead of the “loaf”.

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