What is Buffering?

Buffering is the way to organize exchanges, andnamely input and output of data in computing devices and computers. The buffer is used as a place for temporary storage of data. During data entry, some devices write data to the buffer, while others perform data reading from the buffer. In the derivation, everything is exactly the opposite.

Where do we encounter buffering?

what is buffering In fact, all processes in the PC are related to thisprocess. It is not easy for an uninformed person to understand what buffering is. However, watching it is very simple: the same movie upload online - the data is buffered, the movie is loaded into the cache and played, although it is not on the computer.

This operation allows the processes to perform data input and output independently of each other. Due to its usefulness, buffering is used in multifunctional OS.

Several of its types are used in computer graphics for input, output and image processing. Their implementation occurs hardware or software.

An example of buffering in the hardware is the modem's RAM, which is used for temporary storage of received and sent files.
An example of buffering in the software are multitasking OSes, where when entering data for printing, a temporary download of files in the print queue occurs.

Advanced PC users need to know what buffering is.
In the field of information technology, there is always superficial information and in-depth information. Having understood what buffering is, you can go further and look more closely at its types themselves.

It is known that there is double and triple buffering. They will be discussed in the next subhead.

Triple buffering - what is it?

triple buffering what it isIn computer graphics, this kind of discussedprocess is a kind of double buffering. The difference is only in the method of output images. Triple allows you to avoid or reduce the number of artifacts. Also, the differences between double and triple buffering are also observed in image output speed.

The triple buffering method is alsosynchronization with the refresh rate of the screen. The third buffer is used here as a method of providing free space for change requests in the total amount of output graphics. It acts as a sort of storehouse. The triple buffering method requires more resources, but provides a consistent frame rate.

Three buffers are not the limit number. However, there is no need for 4 or more places for temporary storage of downloaded files, only 3 of them will always work actively. Therefore, the best option is triple buffering.

Consider what buffering is in games?

output bufferingTo transfer images of games is also usedbuffering. In games, both double and triple are used. Double buffering is designed for weaker PCs and OSes, while triple - for more powerful ones.

If you use triple buffering on a weakOS, the game can be buggy. In other words, the performance depends on what kind of process is used on your computer. Games are also different, with different requirements for PC and OS.

It is quite difficult to choose the kind of buffering, soas game makers create their offspring, using a variety of methods. Therefore, in gaming forums you can often hear about how a particular game does not work well with triple buffering, and vice versa.

Ideally, manufacturers should specify the system requirements of a particular game, its compatibility with various operating systems, support for buffering, and so on.

If the manufacturer did not give a specificinformation about compatibility, you can check it yourself. In any case, only time is wasted, the computer does not cause any harm. Incompatibility can be noticed almost immediately, as it is reflected in the braking of graphic visualization and poor synchronization of the image with sound.

About Output Buffering

Buffering the output is quite a useful thing.This function consists in stacking the entire output of the script, adding cookie headers and other resulting script. After the processing of information is completed, all data is sent to the client in the reverse order, that is, first the headers, then the page and then the result of the script.

The possibilities that are opened by buffering the output

what is buffering in games

  1. Sending cookies from absolutely any place in the script.
  2. Start the session at any time.
  3. Data compression before sending to the client.

It should be remembered that compression will requireadditional processor resources. But the transmission speed will increase by 40% (depending on the number of pictures and text). It is known that pictures are compressed much worse than text. Output buffering is not enabled by default.

There are 2 methods to enable output buffering:

  1. Suitable for those who own the server or who have access to the php.ini file. All that is required is to find the output_buffering directive in this file and set it to On.
  2. The second way is to use ob_start () in a script, the output of which must be buffered.

So we figured out what buffering is.

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